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Cisco visited our campus recently to offer a 2-month internship for the upcoming summer of 2021. An online coding round was conducted on hackerrank. The… Read More
There were a total of 4 Rounds in the interview process. Round 1(Online Round): The first round basically comprised of 1 coding question and 25… Read More
This was an On-Campus virtual interview that happened during the month of August 2020 midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Cisco visited our campus for two… Read More
Round 1:- The first round comprised of 1 coding question which was based on graph algorithm depth first search and few MCQs which had technical… Read More
Cisco was the first company to visit my college and it was my first interview experience.  Round 1:Round 1 was the online test which included… Read More
Given a number as a string where some of the digits are replaced by a ‘$’, the task is to generate all possible number by… Read More
Cisco visited our Campus for Full Time hiring. Round 1: This was an online test conducted on Hackerrank. It had 1 coding question and 14… Read More
Round 1: Cisco came for an on campus drive in our college. The recruitment process consisted of an online test followed by few round(s) of… Read More
I was interviewed for Software Engineer 2 position for CISCO Chennai Campus. I totally had 7 rounds and it took 2 weeks for the complete… Read More
Sorry in advance if the answer is a bit long, I really wanted to share this. So after a couple of interviews ( Morgan Stanley… Read More
Round 1:Online mcq questions on hackerrank There were 50 mcq questions which has to be answered within 60 minutes. Questions were mainly from subjects like:… Read More
Round 1: 2 coding questions and some basic aptitude and Gate level questions 1. 2. The second question was a String question which was… Read More
Round 1: Initial round was 1 hr test conducted at hackerrank, which consists of 2 coding questions and around 20 MCQ. Length of longest… Read More
Cisco came to our campus to recruit for 3 Business Units. CX-MS. CX-PS/MS, Engg First Round: 1hr 30 min Coding: Q1: Given an expression which… Read More
I sat for the CISCO on-campus Placements. Round 1: Online Test(70 minutes) This was an online test conducted on the Hacker-Rank platform. 15 MCQ-Electronics, Computer… Read More