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Accenture Interview Experience for Full Stack Developer(FSD) and Associate Software Engineer (ASE) | Off-campus drive 2020

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It was a one day drive after company PPT about two roles Full Stack Developer role (FSD) and Associate Software Engineer (ASE) role offering career in Accenture . 
After PPT there was online Test consisting of two parts Technical round and Coding Round. 

1. Technical Round : Comprises of 4 sections 90 questions to be solved in 90 minutes. 
#1st section for Quantitative Aptitude 20 questions is a fairly all about problems solving section I recommend solve question on and and interviewbit. 
#2nd section for logical reasoning also do from careerride there were 20 – 15 questions easy ones just need to focus on screen and think. 
#3rd section was for English 20 questions again but they were trick one 2 reading comprehensions 5 questions each of 2 page to read and rest 10 questions were on sentence correction and fill in the blanks for english please look wren and martin book and if you want solve online then do practice questions from this site and also interview bit. 
#Technical section : Comprises of mix questions on function input and output pass by value and pass by reference of a variable, Pre-increment and Post-increment questions output from functions questions, very few about excel, contact management in outlook. For technical section practice look in geekforgeeks for above specific topics I mentioned there tons of practice questions for any learner looking to learn. 

2. Coding Round : Comprises of 2 coding questions to be solved in 45 minutes were normal level not hard for anyone who know coding 
#1. Question was of to count all perfect numbers between 5000 to 9000 try yourself first then if not able to solve then check this link for help. 
#2. Question was to Count number of fridays or weekdays between two dates.Try yourself then try below solution 
For practice of Coding round I recommend all to do a language basics in java or C++ or python its your choice, or after learning one language try questions on data structures and algorithms from this surely be enough to crack any coding round company of your choice as you want. 

Students who cleared Technical Round were informed write after test that they are eligible for Coding Round and if they wish they can appear for coding round and if they do not able to clear coding round they are still eligible for ASE interview role held on same day and the candidates who cleared both rounds were then eligible for FSD role. 

Interview Starts from 4 pm every candidate got there interview allotted time alert via message sms on there mobile number.There was a group interview of 5 candidates together each was asked common questions like tell me about yourself first and then depending on candidates they asked technical questions like why you want to join this company, questions about your projects that you have made during college, your technical knowledge about specific technical skills that you mentioned earlier and most important how you can give value to company based on your current skills levels. 

For more interview questions from accenture check geekforgeeks site you find many . You should be good at communicating your ideas and should be able to give the points for the topic given by the interviewers.The Letter Of Intent will be sent to you within 12 hrs of the interview. 

This is how I got Selected as a Full Stack Engineer in Accenture and now I am waiting for my Call Letter.

Last Updated : 17 May, 2021
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