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Python Turtle Tutorial

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 08 Feb, 2021

Turtle is a Python module that provides a drawing board like feature, which enables users to create pictures and shapes. Turtle is one of the most popular ways of introducing programming to kids and is part of the original LOGO programming language.

Python Turtle Tutorial

The on-screen pen that is used for drawing is called the turtle and can be moved using the functions like turtle.forward(), turtle.left(), etc. For example turtle.forward(10) will move the pen in the forward direction by 10 pixels. Consider the below example for better understanding.



import turtle
# moves the pen in the 
# forward direction by 
# 110 pixels
# changes the direction of 
# the pen by 10 degrees in the
# left direction
# moves the pen in the 
# forward direction in 
# the new direction by
# 110 pixels

python turtle tutorial introduciton

Let’s get started learning Turtle from basics to advance with the help huge dataset containing well-explained functions and exercises which are categorized properly to help you learn it in a more systematic way.


Programming with Turtle

Moving and Drawing with Turtle

Pen Control in Turtle

Event Handling with Turtle

Working With Turtle State

Working with Turtle Screen

Special Turtle Methods 

Turtle Exercises and projects




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