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turtle.ondrag() function in Python

  • Last Updated : 17 Aug, 2020

The turtle module provides turtle graphics primitives, in both object-oriented and procedure-oriented ways. Because it uses tkinter for the underlying graphics, it needs a version of Python installed with Tk support.


This function is used to bind fun to mouse-move event on this turtle on canvas.

Syntax : turtle.ondrag(fun, btn, add)
Parameters :

  • fun : a function with two arguments, to which will be assigned the coordinates of the clicked point on the canvas
  • btn : number of the mouse-button defaults to 1 (left mouse button)
  • add : True or False. If True, new binding will be added, otherwise it will replace a former binding

Below is the implementation of the above method with an example :

Example  :

# importing package
import turtle
# method to call on drag
def fxn(x, y):
    # stop backtracking
    # move the turtle's angle and direction 
    # towards x and y
    turtle.setheading(turtle.towards(x, y))
    # go to x, y
    turtle.goto(x, y)
    # call again
# set turtle speed
# make turtle screen object
sc = turtle.Screen()
# set screen size
sc.setup(400, 300)
# call fxn on drag
# take screen in mainloop

Output :

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