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Python program to find the power of a number using recursion

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  • Last Updated : 29 Sep, 2022
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Given a number N and power P, the task is to find the power of a number ( i.e. NP ) using recursion.


Input: N = 2 , P = 3
Output: 8

Input: N = 5 , P = 2
Output: 25

Approach: Below is the idea to solve the above problem:

The idea is to calculate power of a number ‘N’ is to multiply that number ‘P’ times.

Follow the below steps to Implement the idea:

  • Create a recursive function with parameters number N and power P.
    • If P = 0 return 1.
    • Else return N times result of the recursive call for N and P-1.

Below is the implementation of the above approach.


# Python3 code to recursively find
# the power of a number
# Recursive function to find N^P.
def power(N, P):
    # If power is 0 then return 1
    # if condition is true
    # only then it will enter it,
    # otherwise not
    if P == 0:
        return 1
    # Recurrence relation
    return (N*power(N, P-1))
# Driver code
if __name__ == '__main__':
    N = 5
    P = 2
    print(power(N, P))



Time Complexity: O(N), For N recursive calls.
Auxiliary Space: O(N), For recursion call stack.

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