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The recurrence equation T(1) = 1 T(n) = 2T(n - 1) + n, n ≥ 2 evaluates to (A) 2n + 1– n – 2… Read More
Two n bit binary strings, S1 and S2, are chosen randomly with uniform probability. The probability that the Hamming distance between these strings (the number… Read More
The inclusion of which of the following sets into S = {{1, 2}, {1, 2, 3}, {1, 3, 5}, (1, 2, 4), (1, 2, 3,… Read More
A 4-stage pipeline has the stage delays as 150, 120, 160 and 140 nanoseconds respectively. Registers that are used between the stages have a delay… Read More
When we assign an integer value to an Integer object, the value is autoboxed into an Integer object. For example the statement “Integer x =… Read More
Given an n x n square matrix, find sum of all sub-squares of size k x k where k is smaller than or equal to… Read More
SAP Labs Procedure consists of 5 rounds. 1) ONLINE EXAM 2) APPLICATION DESIGNE 3) TECHNICAL 4) MANAGERIAL 5) HR 1 Round: ONLINE EXAM First round… Read More
A and B are the only two stations on an Ethernet. Each has a steady queue of frames to send. Both A and B attempt… Read More
The number of different n × n symmetric matrices with each element being either 0 or 1 is: (Note: power(2, x) is same as 2x)… Read More
Identify the correct translation into logical notation of the following assertion. "Some boys in the class are taller than all the girls" Note : taller(x,y)… Read More
Which of the following is NOT true with respect to a transparent bridge and a router? (A) Both bridge and router selectively forward data packets… Read More
Consider an operating system capable of loading and executing a single sequential user process at a time. The disk head scheduling algorithm used is First… Read More
My Expedia Experience:- Online Test:- MCQs on almost all topics (DS, Algo, C, C++, OS, DBMS, Quant, Verbal) 2 coding problems:- 1. Rat in a… Read More
Hello friends, recently amazon visited our campus selecting 2 FTE and 7 interns for different roles. I would like to say about rejections. I’ve got… Read More
Morgan Stanley recently visited our campus for its full time Technology Analyst position and Summer Analyst (Intern) position. I applied for full time. There were… Read More
Online test: This test was organized by, and had to be completed within an hour. There were two coding questions: 1. There is a… Read More
Consider the following floating point format Mantissa is a pure fraction in sign-magnitude form. The decimal number 0.239 × 213 has the following hexadecimal representation… Read More
Ques1. Find top 10 selling product given the count of sales of each product. Ques2. Design a valet parking lot with basic use-case of assigning… Read More
So recently Amadeus Labs visited my college for Campus Placements and finally picked 10 students. It also offered us 6 month training before the job.… Read More
Let E1 and E2 be two entities in an E/R diagram with simple single-valued attributes. R1 and R2 are two relationships between E1 and E2,… Read More