TCS Interview Questions

Interview after TNQT

What is your name?
Tell something about yourself.
How you overcome your weakness?
Tell us any incidence where you worked as a team.
Then from Resume they asked a question, a very intresting word Hackathon is written in your resume. They asked questions abt. project that was showcased in Hackathon.
Then they ask did you have any other project ?
Tell description and working of your project and your role in it.( my project is based on C#).
Do you know Java?
Difference b/w Java & C#, C & C#, C & Java.
Tell some features of Java.
What is Exception Handling
Difference b/w throw and throws
Did you have knowledge of Sql
Write a query to fetch name of a student with “nee” as a substring.
Difference b/w “LIKE” and “=” operator.
Did you work on any project?



You are looking tired?
Tell your Short term and long term goals.
Your sources of motivation.
How you motivated by them.
Why we hire you and not others.
Tell your USP.
Can you relocate.
Do you have plans of further studies?
What are your hobbies?

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