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Greenshot has a number of options for taking screenshots, including: By moving a green rectangle to the correct position and size, “Capture region” enables you… Read More
Heimdal is an independently created, open-source implementation of the Kerberos 5 protocol that is not constrained by US export laws. It is similar to the… Read More
Darktable is a software tool that is used to alter photos using a predefined set of photo-improving techniques. It works with many different operating systems,… Read More
A universal media player for video files, images, music, and movie discs is CyberLink PowerDVD. In 2016, PowerDVD became the first and only software player… Read More
With time and the global growth of the Internet, the answer to this issue becomes more and more obvious: tomorrow’s way or working is already… Read More
The command count (unlicensed usage), which is visible in the top right status bar if you are running an evaluation version of GoldWave, provides you… Read More
One of those shrewd editing programs, Ocenaudio, takes on the entire burden of audio recording and editing. This makes it a tool that begs users… Read More
Modern-day conveniences like jump lists and Windows Explorer integration for right-click file compression/extraction are included in Ashampoo ZIP FREE. The user interface provides easy access… Read More
A Virtual Environment is a mechanism that can be compared with a separating funnel, when we are creating or using different projects which require different… Read More
Microsoft Office is the most important tool on the computer. Whatever the operating system is, Microsoft Office is the essential component of the device. This… Read More
GD is an open-source code library that helps to create and manipulate PNG, JPEG, and GIF images in PHP. GD is commonly used for the… Read More
PHP offers various extensions to deal with different cases. BCMath is one of the PHP extensions which is an interface to the GNU implementation as… Read More
There are a couple of ways in which we can back up our Gmail on windows, Linux, or mac but GMvault is probably the most… Read More
In this article, we will cover how to install the Python NumPy package in PyCharm. NumPy is a general-purpose array-processing Python package. It provides a… Read More
GoDaddy VPS is a shared server that provides computational services, databases, storage space, automated weekly backups, 99% uptime, and much more. It’s a cheaper alternative… Read More

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