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B-Tree Insert without aggressive splitting This algorithm for insertion takes an entry, finds the leaf node where it belongs, and inserts it there. We recursively… Read More
Python 2.x has been the most popular version for over a decade and a half. But now more and more people are switching to Python… Read More
Given two strings A and B and two integers b and m. The task is to find that if it is possible to form string… Read More
Insertion in an m-Way search tree: The insertion in an m-Way search tree is similar to binary trees but there should be no more than… Read More
Problem: Write a YACC program for conversion of Infix to Postfix expression. Explanation: YACC (Yet another Compiler-Compiler) is the standard parser generator for the Unix… Read More
Automated Testing is a technique where Tester write Scripts by own and uses suitable Software or Automation Tool to test the software. It is Automation… Read More
Given a Binary Search Tree and an integer sum, the task is to find all the pairs from the tree whose sum is equal to… Read More
In C#, UInt32 struct is used to represent 32-bit unsigned integers(also termed as uint data type) starting from range 0 to 4,294,967,295. It also provides… Read More
Lex is a computer program that generates lexical analyzers and was written by Mike Lesk and Eric Schmidt. Lex reads an input stream specifying the… Read More
?Oracle India Ltd Hyderabad Interview Experience(Experience 2.5 years) There 150 candidates came there PLACE OF INTERVIEW – PUNE 1 St round ———– They gave 2… Read More
What is an App? Must be findable in App Store Icons must be present on Home Screen Touch and Gesture Controls Works Offline Receives push… Read More
Setting up Environment – Step 1 : Open Visual Studio and Create ASP.Net Application (Web -> Visual Studio[version]), name it as KOSetup Step 2 :… Read More
INTRODUCTION TO OBSERVABLES: Special Object Property that changes dynamically through User Interaction, can notify subscribers about changes and automatically detect dependencies. FEATURES: Reading and Writing… Read More
The splitting of lists is quite common utility nowadays and there can be many applications and use cases of the same. Along with these always… Read More
The two-dimensional array is a collection of items which share a common name and they are organized as a matrix in the form of rows… Read More
BASIC INTRODUCTION: Knockout is a library written in JavaScript and based on MVVM (MODEL VIEW VIEWMODEL) pattern. It helps in building rich and responsive websites.… Read More
Verification and Validation is the process of investigating that a software system satisfies specifications and standards and it fulfills the required purpose. Barry Boehm described… Read More
I had attended a Microsoft hiring event for Hyderabad location and Azure team. My experience is as follows: F2F First round : 1. 2.… Read More
A Delegate is an object which refers to a method or you can say it is a reference type variable that can hold a reference… Read More
The term broadcasting refers to how numpy treats arrays with different Dimension during arithmetic operations which lead to certain constraints, the smaller array is broadcast… Read More