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In this article, we are going to learn how do we adjust the CSS for a specific zoom level. The CSS zoom property allows scaling… Read More
The ng-idle is used to decrease the burden, bandwidth, and workload of an app, website, program, or software. With the help of ng-idle log out… Read More
Business analytics refers to new skills, naive practices, marketing, new technologies, and business tools algorithms for continuous iterative exploration. It is used for deep investigation… Read More
Ever tried to submit a form, by using a JavaScript? But when you tried to submit the form by using JavaScript, you might be getting… Read More
The AngularJS provides a control service named as AJAX – $http, which serves the task for reading all the data that is available on the… Read More
Given an image and the task is to get the width and height of the image using JavaScript. The width and height property is used… Read More
Problem: Write an assembly level program to print a given string . Examples: Input String: "This is a sample string" Output: This is a sample… Read More
Prerequisite – Pushdown Automata, Pushdown Automata Acceptance by Final State Problem: Design a non deterministic PDA for accepting the language L = {wwR w ∈… Read More
Every new technology, together with cloud computing, has an entirely different security outlook reckoning on the precise user United Nations agency is accessing it. It… Read More
Given an array arr[] of N elements, the task is to check whether the array have all same (identical) elements or not without using the… Read More
The ng-Jq directive allows to force the library used by angular.element library. The forcing of jQLite should happen when we leave ng-jq blank, otherwise set… Read More
Given a array ‘a[]’ of size n and number of queries q. Each query can be represented by a integer m. Your task is to… Read More
The creation of web forms has perpetually been a fancy task. whereas marking up the shape itself is simple, checking whether or not every field… Read More
Suppose that a user creates a webpage. Now he has a webpage, which contains an IFrame and a Button. Once the user presses the button,… Read More
Content has been removed on Author’s request. Attention reader! Don’t stop learning now. Get hold of all the important CS Theory concepts for SDE interviews… Read More
Given a permutation from 1 to N of size N. Find the length of the longest subsequence having the property that the first and last… Read More
Debugging is necessary as committal to writing within the field of development. There would possibly occur a case once the developer must check data of… Read More
When you don’t want to have more than a single instance of a given class, then the Singleton Design Pattern is used and hence the… Read More
The ng-model-options directive has the feature which helps the user to modify, within the current application, the behavior of the ngModel directives. Basically, it is… Read More
1. Downloading, Installing and Starting Python SciPy Get the Python and SciPy platform installed on your system if it is not already. One can easily… Read More