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anacron command is used to execute commands periodically with a frequency specified in days. Its main advantage over cron is that it can be used… Read More
There are various methods to get the date in JavaScript. The data values can get like years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds from a… Read More
Given two lists, the task is to create pairs of elements (pairs can be repeated) from two list such that elements are not same in… Read More
Given three coordinates that lie on a circle, (x1, y1), (x2, y2) and (x3, y3). The task is to find the equation of the circle… Read More
The :nth-of-type() is an inbuilt selector in jQuery, used to select all the nth-child elements of specified parent. Syntax : parent_name : nth-of-type(n|even|odd|algebric equation) Parameters:… Read More
In this project, we are going to demonstrate how one can drive a car by just detecting hand gestures on the steering wheel. Let’s say… Read More
Given a N*N binary matrix, task is to find the count of rectangular sub-matrices with OR value 1. Examples: Input : arr[][] = {{0, 0,… Read More
Given two strings A and B of equal lengths consisting of lower case English letters. The task is to count the minimum number of pre-processing… Read More
Given three integers N, K and R. The task is to calculate the sum of all those numbers from 1 to N which yields remainder… Read More
Given three integers A, B and C, the task is to find the count of values of X such that the following condition is satisfied,… Read More
Given two points (x1, y1) and (x2, y2) in 2-D coordinate system. The task is to count all the paths whose distance is equal to… Read More
bzmore command in Linux is used as a filter for CRT viewing of bzip2 compressed files, which are saved with .bz2 suffix. In simple words,… Read More
Given a stack s, the task is to print the elements of the stack from bottom to top, such that the elements are still present… Read More
CSS property can be include in the HTML page in a number of different ways. HTML documents are formatted according to the information in the… Read More
Given a binary tree with N nodes, in which each node value represents number of candies present at that node, and there are N candies… Read More
The smartphone app market is ever changing, new apps come every day, and some old ones disappear from our memories, and our phones as well.… Read More
Given 3 strings S, A and B. The task is to replace every sub-string of S equal to A with B and every sub-string of… Read More
Inserting a row in Pandas DataFrame is a very straight forward process and we have already discussed approaches in how insert rows at the start… Read More
Constructors are used to initializing the object’s state. Like methods, a constructor also contains a collection of statements(i.e. instructions) that are executed at the time… Read More
Given an undirected graph of V nodes (V > 2) named V1, V2, V3, …, Vn. Two nodes Vi and Vj are connected to each… Read More