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In programming it is quite usual for a Java programmer to face time limit exceeded or TLE if they do not use Arrays.sort() function carefully.… Read More
Crypt function in, Perl, is basically used to store sensitive data and passwords using ASCII characters as encrypted strings (this function encrypts the string). Strings… Read More
Round 1: Online Round – 3 Questions on hackerrank. Finding all triplets in an array where a[i]<a[j]<a[k] and i<j<k. n=1e4. Given an array and a… Read More
VMware gave a surprise 2nd visit in our campus – “KIIT University, Bhubaneswar” this August. In total it consisted of 6 rounds:- Online Written Round… Read More
Amazon has visited our campus (NITJ) for the role of Software Developer Engineer-I (16th August 2019) Process: 1 online coding round+ 4 F2F technical interviews.… Read More
Round 1: Online screening test. Which consisted of around 25 mcqs and 1 coding Ques and the platform was hackerearth. Some mcqs were aptitude based… Read More
Linear Programming (LP), also known as linear optimization is a mathematical programming technique to obtain the best result or outcome, like maximum profit or least… Read More
In Bottom-Up insertion of Red-Black Trees, “simple” Binary Search Tree insertion is used, followed by correction of the RB-Tree Violations on the way back up… Read More
Amazon has visited our campus (NIT JALANDJAR) for the role of Software Developer Engineer-I (16th August 2019) Process: 1 onilne coding roun+ 4 F2F technical… Read More
TEKsystems conducted a campus recruitment drive in my campus. At first, they gave a Pre-Placement Talk. In total it consisted of  5 rounds : 1) Online Test… Read More
Round 1: Written Test Contains total 42 Questions (90 Minutes) 14 Technical (7 JAVA, 7 C++) 14 Aptitude 14 English Round 2: Coding Round 2… Read More
Interview Experience:  JP Morgan Chase & Co. (Software) JP Morgan visited our IIT Roorkee campus for Summer Internship hiring for quant research as well as… Read More
Round 1: It consisted of a single coding question to be solved under 3 hrs. There were two slots – First slot recieved this question-… Read More
Given two trees each of N nodes. Removing an edge of the tree partitions the tree in two subsets. Find the total maximum number of… Read More
Let represent the ordered pair of the second maximum and the maximum element of an array respectively. We need to find all such unique pairs overall… Read More
Everyone is trying to make their web applications faster, more scalable, and easier to maintain. There’s a huge push moving us more and more to… Read More
TCS Digital Placement Process Experience-2019 Round 1 It is an Online Test Round, duration of nearly 2 hours which consists of four sections namely English,… Read More
Generally, there are 3 types of schedule based on recoverbility given as follows: Recoverable schedule: Transactions must be committed in order. Dirty Read problem and… Read More
Round 1: Initial round was 1 hr test conducted at hackerrank, which consists of 2 coding questions and around 20 MCQ. Length of longest… Read More
Online round (HackerRank): This round was of 1 hr 15 mins and consist of 2 sections section 1: 10 MCQS  time:(15 mins) Topics: (Aptitude, OS,… Read More