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Given an array of integers arr[], the task is to find the sum of all the Mersenne numbers from the array. A number is a… Read More
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Like any other stuff on the internet, AngularJS is not immune to attack. However, Angular does provide built-in security from basic security holes. So AngularJS… Read More
Many times, AngularJS applications would show the flickering of the HTML document when the main application gets started up. This will show the AngularJS code… Read More
Have you ever seen these cool wallpaper in your Windows 10 Lock Screen, whenever you open your PC/Laptop? Whenever we are connected to the internet,… Read More
BASIC INTRODUCTION: [ Way to Structure Code ] Note : Link between Model and View Model is Manipulating Data and between ViewModel and View is… Read More
Given a 2d-matrix mat[][] consisting of positive integers, the task is to find the maximum score we can reach if we have to go to… Read More
The ng-click Directive in AngluarJS is used to apply custom behavior when an element is clicked. It can be used to show/hide some element or… Read More
Given two strings A, B and some queries consisting of an integer i, the task is to check whether the sub-string of A starting from… Read More
Subnetting: Subnetting is the procedure to divide the network into sub-networks or small networks.  Supernetting: Supernetting is the procedure to combine the small networks into larger space.… Read More
Prerequisite – Network Devices Hub: Hub is a networking device that is used to transmit the signal to each port (except one port) to respond… Read More
Given an N * N matrix mat[][] consisting of non-negative integers and some queries consisting of top-left and bottom-right corner of the sub-matrix, the task… Read More
LAN stands for Local Area Network is a group of network devices which allow the communication between connected devices. On the other hand VLAN stands… Read More
Meanshift is falling under the category of a clustering algorithm in contrast of Unsupervised learning that assigns the data points to the clusters iteratively by… Read More
Given an N * N matrix arr[][] consisting of non-negative integers, the task is to find the number of ways to reach arr[N – 1][N… Read More
Given a 2d-matrix consisting of positive integers, the task is to find the minimum number of steps required to reach the end(leftmost-bottom cell) of the… Read More
We need permissions to send push notifications. Key Points : Notifications must be timely. Should be precise (contains all the information a user needs). Should… Read More
Given an array and an integer K. Also given one more array which stores the cost of choosing elements from the first array. The task… Read More
In data mining and statistics, hierarchical clustering analysis is a method of cluster analysis which seeks to build a hierarchy of clusters i.e. tree type… Read More
There are many approaches to download a file from a URL some of them are discussed below: Method 1: Using file_get_contents() function: The file_get_contents() function… Read More