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Online round (HackerRank): This round was of 1 hr 15 mins and consist of 2 sections section 1: 10 MCQS  time:(15 mins) Topics: (Aptitude, OS,… Read More
Expression: An expression is a combination of operators, constants and variables. An expression may consist of one or more operands, and zero or more operators… Read More
A stack is a collection of objects that are inserted and removed using Last in First out Principle(LIFO). User can insert elements into the stack,… Read More
In General, Textarea will be in the form of rectangular or square shapes, but here we will deal with Unusual shapes of textarea which means… Read More
B*-tree of order m is a search tree that is either empty or that satisfies three properties: The root node has minimum two and maximum… Read More
Game theory is a mathematical model used for decision making. It has applications in all fields of social science, as well as in logic and… Read More
Coding Round- There were 3 questions to be solved on hackerrank in 90 minutes: 1. 2.Given an array of integers you have to make all the… Read More
In this article, we will see number of classical problems of synchronization as examples of a large class of concurrency-control problems. In our solutions to… Read More
Moments are a set of statistical parameters which are used to describe different characteristics and feature of a frequency distribution i.e. central tendency, dispersion, symmetry,… Read More
The Nth Ramanujan prime is the least integer Rn for which where π(x) is a prime-counting function Note that the integer Rn is necessarily a… Read More
Given four integers A, B, K, M. The task is to find (A + iB)K % M which is a complex number too. A +… Read More
Interviews Technical Round 1: warmup questions: i) Difference between c and c++ and talk about the features of c++? ii) virtual functions iii) abstract class… Read More
Given an array arr[] of N integers and an integer K. The task is to find the maximum xor subset of size K of the… Read More
The Imagick::exportImagePixels() function is an inbuilt function in PHP which is used to exports raw image pixels in the form of an array. The map… Read More
Calculating the number of days between two dates in JavaScript required to use date object for any kind of calculation. For that, first, get the… Read More
Movie and TV Series are a great way of relaxation and has become a part of leisure time for the majority. Are you a big… Read More
We are going to write a bash script that will speak “Battery Low” when the battery’s charging percentage will go below some specified threshold value.… Read More
Round 1: It consists of three sections Aptitude(basic and some advanced math), verbal(this one is easiest part because there is no negative marking) and programming… Read More
Given two integers N and K, the task is to find the count of quadruples of (i, j, k, l) such that 1 ≤ i… Read More
In this article, we are going to learn about how to change the font of HTML5 Canvas using a button in AngularJS. With the help… Read More