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Given an array ‘arr’ all the numbers of which are initialized to ‘0’ then the array can be updated at any time in the following… Read More
ArrayList.Sort Method is used to sorts the elements in the ArrayList. There are total 3 methods in the overload list of this method as follows:… Read More
The std::map::rbegin() is a function in C++ STL. It returns a reverse iterator which points to the last element of the map. The reverse iterator… Read More
Prerequisite: HTML Basics, Python Basics, Flask It is not possible to write front-end course every time user make changes in his/her profile. We use a… Read More
Now these days, OTP (one time password) is mandatory in almost each and every service. A developer can generate OTP in many ways but the… Read More
The Java.util.List is a child interface of Collection. It is an ordered collection of objects in which duplicate values can be stored. Since List preserves… Read More
Consider n boxes numbered arranged in a circle in increasing order in clockwise direction (numbered from 1 to n). You are given q queries, each… Read More
Vihaan Network came to our campus for the role of software engineers and allowed (CS, IT, ECE) (CSED All) and MCA. There are… Read More
List class represents the list of objects which can be accessed by index. It comes under the System.Collection.Generic namespace. List class can be used to… Read More
A HashSet is an unordered collection of the unique elements. It is found in System.Collections.Generic namespace. It is used in a situation where we want… Read More
Given a number N. The task is to find the number of permutations of 1 to N such that no three terms of the permutation… Read More
Prerequisites – Socket Programming in C/C++, TCP and UDP server using select, UDP Server-Client implementation in C If we are creating a connection between client… Read More
In today’s scenario, college graduates love to take risks and have high aspirations for themselves. Startup companies are what most of them choose to feel… Read More
For the academic year 2018-19, Deloitte is on an hiring spree. Lucky for you guys!!! This experience will help you crack Deloitte as no one… Read More
Position Software Engineer 1 (Experience 1-2 years) 1. Resume Screening Round 2. Assignment Round 3. Technical Round 4. Technical + Managerial Round First round is… Read More
Prerequisite: Procedures in PL/SQL Functions in PL/SQL. Differences between Stored procedures(SP) and Functions(User defined functions (UDF)): SP may or may not return a value but… Read More
A microprocessor is a processing unit on a single chip. It is an integrated circuit which performs the core functions of a computer CPU. It… Read More
Introduction Memory of a Computer is any physical device that is capable of storing information whether it is large or small and stores it temporarily… Read More
Selenium is an automation tool and portable software testing tool for web applications. A test domain-specific language is also provided, to write test cases one… Read More
Alright so this article is about my Nagarro bootcamp selection rounds experience.I am in third year and today I gave the round 2. This year… Read More