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Category Archives: Interview Experiences

Online Coding Test (Hackerrank): 3 Medium questions and 1.5 hrs to solve it. Solved all three questions Round 1(On-site, virtual): Count number of binary strings… Read More
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I have applied through referral and I got an online coding test invite link after few days Round 1(Online Coding Round): This happened on hackerrank… Read More
1st a quick call with the Recruiter just discussion on tech stack, current and expected CTC and notice period. The recruiter arranged the 1st interview… Read More
I applied to amazon through their career page . The Job ID was mentioned in Linkedin Post by some SDE-2 at amazon. At that… Read More
I had applied for Accenture On-Campus on 24/3/2021 through my campus link. I had my mock test on1st of April, please make sure u attend… Read More
I belong to a tier-3 college. I applied for the SDE position through referral, and luckily I got the test link. Each round started with… Read More
Round 1(Aptitude): This was an aptitude test in which 20 questions were there and 60 minutes to solve it. The questions were basic aptitude questions… Read More
Atonarp had come to my campus. They allowed EE and CSE students to take part in the placement. They were 3 rounds. Round 1: CV… Read More
Hello Everyone, I cracked  InfyTQ Exam 2021 So  In this particular post, I share my InfyTQ Certification Exam & Interview Experience.  First, I thank GeeksforGeeks… Read More
I had applied for an APAC scholarship in March 2021 through their Google Career Page and I got a mail that there will be an… Read More
STATUS: Final Year [2021], B.E. Computer Science and Engineering, Tier-3 POSITION: University Graduate, FTE LOCATION: Hyderabad, India DATE: April 10, 2021 Note: I have done… Read More
PwC is a Consulting company that came to our college for the Role of Associate Bangalore Location It Comprises 4 Rounds: Online Test  Group Discussion … Read More
Telephonic Round: The HR talked about my experience and the tech I am currently working on. Interview Rounds Round 1: Asked two questions also told… Read More
Round 1(Cognitive Assessments): There were 2 cognitive assessments.  In the first one, there were a total of 2 short assessments to be completed in 22… Read More