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Microsoft Interview Experience for SDE-2

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 12 May, 2021
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Microsoft interview Experience for SDE-2 for Noida location, 2021. I’ll share my experience in this post and I hope it will be beneficial for some of you. I have around 5  years of experience working as a Java Developer(Backend). The interview was conducted as part of their hiring drive and all the interview rounds were online and were completed on a single day. The interviewers were very polite and helpful.

Round 1:

  1. Design a global Iterator over n sorted Lists.  (should have hasNext() and next() functions)
    eg:  arr1= {1,4,89,100}
         arr2= {2,67,90}
         arr3= {0,49,88}
    op: The calls to the should return the sorted
        element of all the lists in order.
          example: ->0
  2. Given a binary Tree. You are at a particular Node and your friend is at another Node. Your friend’s node catches fire and the fire spreads to all its neighbors at 1 unit time. find the time in which the fire reaches your position.

Round 2:

  1. Design a logging system which can log various kinds of events such as errors, events ..etc.

Round 3:

  1. Design a Service that accepts an input String from user and returns all the anagrams of the String which are present in our input Dictionary. We are already provided an English dictionary in which all the words are present in the sorted order and this dictionary is very huge to keep it in the main memory.
  2. You are given a third-party service called Spellcheck Service which accepts list of words and can give the list of suggestions/correct words for each wrongly spelled word in the input list of words. Suppose, that you have a grid server that contains a huge excel workbook having many pages and our browser loads a part of the grid( ie: we see that browser first loads an initial chunk, and when user calls/scrolls it will load further pages). Design an approach showing the data flow, where we give a functionality in the browser for spell check which processes the grid data row by row and stops at a word having the wrongly spelled word along with the list of suggestions for that word. When the user now clicks on the next button, it should be able to stop at the next spelling error.

Round 4:

  1. Consider the case of OneDrive. Suppose you have a user who has uploaded some files to the drive and also some files to this user might have been shared by other users.

    Now, we have to design a service that will list the files in the following order:

    Show some x number of files on top which have been recently modified/accessed.

    and then, list all the files in alphabetical order( own files+ shared files)

Result: I received mail from Microsoft saying I was selected and asked for all the details and supporting documents.

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