Chargebee Interview Experience | Set 2 (On Campus)

1. Given an array and a set of operations on it, perform those in sequence to the array.
Example : given array : 12345
Operations to be performed in order : L1,R2,R1,L3
L1 : shift left once,R2 : shift right twice…etc

2. Given an array of size n of integer type containing the integers from 1 to n (both including), print how many times each integer is repeated. There is no rule that every integer in the range 1 to n will be present in the array. Solve the problem using only one additional variable.
Example : n= 5
Array : 12341
Answer : 1 – 2 times
2 – 1 time
3 – 1 time
4 – 1 time

3. Print this pattern

* * * * *
* * *
* * *
* * * * *

4. A code is given which prints the sum of even and odd numbers in the given set of numbers. Identify the error and rectify it.

5. Given two integers m and n,write code for m power n without using exponent operation.

6. Doubly linked list insertion and deletion.

7. Measure 9 min using two 4 min and 7 min sand glass.


9. 2 DBMS queries.(don’t remember)


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