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BNY Mellon Technology Interview Experience | On-Campus September 2020 ( Virtual )

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BNY Mellon Technology visited IGDTUW in September 2020 for hiring Interns and FTEs for the Role of Software Engineering. 

Online Assessment(1.5 hours, HackerRank): There were four coding questions in the online Assessment to be solved in the 90 minutes. 

  1. Count Duplicate Elements (Easy, 50 marks) 
  2. Shrinking Number Line (Medium, 75 marks) 
  3. Task Master (Medium, 75): Given n tasks and m orders where orders contain the following constraint- some tasks must be performed before other tasks. That is if task t1 should be performed before t2 and t2 should also be performed before t1 then we cannot perform those tasks. Find out the number of tasks that can be performed. Two arrays were given, one being dependent array(da) and the other is independent array(ia). These arrays contained m tasks. 


    if da={1,2,3,4,5} and ia={4,5,1,3,2} 
    it means that task 1 must be performed before 4, 2 
    before 5 and so on.This can be represented in the 
    form of a graph as follows: 
    Now here we can see that tasks 2 and 5 are 
    interdependent on each other. So the number of 
    achievable tasks is n-1. Crux: Count bidirectional 
    pairs and subtract it from total tasks. 
  4. Closest Random Points (Hard, 100 marks)

I had solved easy one and passed more than 50% of test cases in the other 3 questions.11 students qualified for the interview, including me. 

Technical Round 1(1 hour 30 mins, CodePair round on HackerRank): My interview was scheduled for 45 minutes but it went for 1.5 hours. The following questions were asked.

  1. My introduction 
  2. What do you mean by full-stack web development? 
  3. How does the client interact with the server? 
  4. How will you implement the authentication system on the login page? 
  5. Which technology do you use for the backend? 
  6. What is my favorite programming language? I said C++ so he gave me this coding question.

    Given a string, count the number of words present in it. Some special characters like . (period),! (exclamation mark), , (comma), ?(question mark), -(dash) were also considered valid as words. First I explained to him the logic by writing all the conditions and covered all the cases before coding. 
  7. Given a triangle and 3 ants at each edge. They can move in any direction. Find out the probability of ants not colliding with each other. 

Then he asked if I have any questions for him. 

2 students qualified for the next round. 

Technical Round 2 (1 hour 30 minutes, CodePair round on HackerRank): The interviewer asked what my favorite subjects are. I told him DSA and DBMS. Then he asked about my favorite data structures. I said stack so he asked me the following questions: 

  1. Implement a stack 
  2. Design Special Stack 
  3. Design a DB on the Banking system. He kept it open-ended so I had to come up with constraints and everything. Here the interviewer wanted to see my thinking process and constraints identifying ability. 
  4. Asked a high-level approach to handle millions of user accounts. 
  5. How to read and write from a file in O(1) time complexity? 
  6. How to store 1 trillion in a variable? 
  7. Coded binary search. Asked both iterative and recursive solution. 
  8. Types of trees, the time complexity of traversal in BST, how to decrease the height of the tree. 

Then he asked if I have any questions for him. I asked, and we had 30 minutes discussion on life as an SWE in the finance sector. 

2 students Qualified for the Next Round. 

HR Round (30 minutes, Cisco Webex):  It started with a discussion on his role at BNY Mellon Technology, and he congratulated me for making it this far. Then he asked the following questions.

  1. Tell me about yourself? 
  2. Discussion on questions solved in the coding round. Asked about my approach and he told my score. I described my approaches, and he was satisfied with them. 
  3. How do you keep yourself motivated? 
  4. Detailed discussion on the project. 
  5. Do you know about BNY? 

Then he asked if I have any questions for him. I asked and he was impressed by my questions. 

I was the only one selected for the FTE role. The other person was selected for the Internship role. 

Tips: Be confident, even if you’re not sure of your answers. The interviewer will test your patience and endurance by making you second guess your answers but don’t let your nerves get the best of you. 

HR will try to put in various challenging situations but your attitude should always be positive and confident. They can see who is being natural, genuine, and who isn’t. Most importantly, ask unique and role-related questions from your interviewer. Even if your coding part didn’t go too well, the interviewer will be impressed by your communication skills. 

Lastly, be honest. Don’t try to lie because the interviewer can catch it. Show genuine interest in the company and the work that they do. 

Last Updated : 14 Sep, 2020
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