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JP Morgan Chase & Co Interview Experience | Set 4 (On-Campus for FTE)

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JPMC visited our campus for Full time and Internship opportunity.

I sat for Technology Analyst Program 2018 Full-Time.

There were total of  3 rounds. First one was Online Coding Test, Second One Technical and Third one HR Round.

Round 1:

The online coding test was hosted on HackerRank Platform. There were 10 MCQs comprising of Aptitude and Technical Questions. Each question had a weightage of 3 marks. There was no negative marking. Apart from this there were 2 coding questions.

1st One :

It was a typical Buy/Sell problem with two different scenarios.

One was that you can sell after you buy and other was that you can sell and buy anytime.

This is was the easier question 30 marks.

Link :

2nd One :

It was relatively tougher problem with a weightage of 40 marks.

Typical 2d-DP problem.

Question: Find and return the maximum sum of  k x k matrix with maximum sum in a n x n matrix.  LINK:


Round 2:

There was two different panel, simultaneously taking the interviews for FULL-TIME.

One was Senior VP and other was on some higher technical post.

I went to the Senior VP, he greeted me well and for my resume.

I was asked why i didn’t have any last name, since I have only First Name, I answered it very smartly and he seems to be impressed right there.

Then he asked me if I know Design Patterns and have Implemented them in a real life project. Link:

Since , I know about them , I have answered them but told him that I have implemented a few in real life projects.

Then he asked , tell me a language you are proficient in.

I answered JAVA. Then he told me to rate myself in JAVA, and spot on I gave myself 7/10.

He then asked me to write a program to swap two numbers in JAVA. It was more of a trick question as he wanted to know , how I’m gonna implement it.

I made a separate function to swap numbers where numbers are taken in list , and then return the new list to update the old one.


List swap(List list){
       //some code 


public static void main(String[] args){

List list=swap(list);


Basically he wants to see , if I would choose to implement code in modular way or not.
Then, he asked me what other things I know, I told him Android and he seems very keen to know how much i know about it.

I told him about Services , UI , Handlers , Loaders etc .. and he seems to be knowing all of them too.

It’s more of a discussion than Q/A session.

Then he asked me if I had prior experience in testing like Integration , System, Unit testing as I had interned as Android SDK Developer.

He asked various types of work that I did in my intern, So kindly be thorough in whatever you did in your intern , if any.

Then he asked me Two Puzzles.

First one was : You have 13 Blue balls and 12 Red balls in a bag and we pick two balls at a go. If we pick same color balls then both of them are out of the bag else Red ball will be out.

Then what is the color of last ball that will be left and why?

I answered it in less than 5 minutes and he was pretty much impressed with my approach as it was both mathematical as well as logical, as per what he said.

Second one was :

I answered it in 8-10 minutes, then he checked my approach with around 15-16 test cases. He doesn’t seems satisfied with that, so he told me his approach.

But i proved that his approach was also giving the same answer. He seems to be impressed by that and said GOOD analysis.

Then, he asked if I have any questions for him and I asked , what should i be working on before joining , if got selected.

He told me that i should learn Advanced Data Structures.

At last he asked my favourite subjects, I answered DS and Algo,

Then he asked me to write functions to print Top View , Bottom View ,Left View and Right View of Binary Tree.

I did all of them in 15 mins and he said : “You are really good at coding and analytics”.

Round 3:

The HR was very cool and friendly. He introduced himself and then asked me to introduce myself.

He asked me about my family, family background.

He told me why haven’t I choose to do Btech after knowing about my peers and other personal questions.

Then, he asked what do you know about J.P Morgan and what’s the latest news about it?

He told me that I have the most interesting CV out here and asked about my Android Apps, motive behind making them

What are the users I had targeted  and how it is different from other apps under the same criteria?

Then at last, he asked me if I know the compensation breakup and I’m open to all 3 positions i.e. Mumbai , Bengaluru , Hyderabad .

And finally I greeted him with saying, Hoping to hear from you soon.

Overall the interview experience was great.

It was more of tricky and in-depth knowledge test than just usual Technical Interview .

8 were selected for FTE out of which I was one of them.

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Last Updated : 09 Oct, 2017
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