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Category Archives: Interview Experiences

There are two rounds of hiring. Aptitude Test(Online) – 30 Mins (30 Mcq) & Subject Matter Test – 30 Mins (50 Mcq). Personal Interviews for… Read More
Firstly, I participated in TCS CodeVita Season 10. I was in my 6th semester of engineering at that time and I solved a problem which… Read More
There were 4 rounds in the process of Unthinkable Solution. This is a campus placement drive. First round (Coding test): First round was the coding… Read More
I’m a final-year student. I appear in Nagarro through college placement. Then I got an email about the online assessment of Nagarro. First Round –… Read More
The Process of recruitment contains mainly 2 rounds. Round 1: There is one online assessment test which is a mandatory round, this is also important… Read More
About the Company: Vodafone is a telecommunications company led by our purpose to connect for a better future. Develop a range of leading products and… Read More
Round 1: Group Discussion: Those students who got their resumes shortlisted got an online zoom meeting link from a recruiter. Students were divided into 8… Read More
My most recent interview was for a software engineer position at Accenture, and it was not too long ago that I went there for the… Read More
CODING ROUND (1 HR):  2 QUESTIONS  2D ARRAY PROBLEM TREES INTERVIEW: ROUND 1 (TR) (45 MINS) : Introduction DSA Questions:  Stack Using Queue  & Trees… Read More
First Round – Aptitude and technical MCQ based questions. Second Round – About to speak anything which you think on given topic from board. Third… Read More
When I went in for my software interview at Oracle, the process started off with a phone screen where the interviewer asked me about my… Read More
It was a difficult but ultimately rewarding experience to go through Google’s software job interview process to get the position.  Screening: The first step in… Read More
The interview process for a Data Engineer position at Target includes multiple rounds of interviews, including a phone screen, a technical interview, and an in-person… Read More
Hello, In October 2022 Hexaware came to our campus. There were 6-7 rounds in total (Resume shortlisting, Aptitude test, Coding test, Communication test, Technical interview, EC… Read More
Hola Geeks!A year back, around the month of July, I had my Pre-placement interview with Microsoft after interning for 2 months(May 16-July 8, 2022) at… Read More

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