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Category Archives: Interview Experiences

Deloitte USI visited our campus for three roles: Analyst, Business Technology Analyst, and Risk and Financial Advisory. Around 150 students had applied for the role… Read More
I gave this contest on HackerEarth and there were 2 questions that were of medium-hard difficulty. I was able to solve only 1 question after… Read More
I was interviewed at Amazon Bengaluru for SDE 2 role. Round 1 (Online Test, Hackerrank): Doesn’t Remember the questions. But one was easy and the… Read More
Round 1(HackerEarth Test):I got a referral and got the HackerEarth test link. The test contains 20MCQs and 2 coding questions. MCQs were related to C++… Read More
I gave HackwithInfy test on Monday,7 March 2022, and submitted two questions out of three with all test cases passed. Although everyone said HackwithInfy is… Read More
I interviewed for Carnation Infotech  Interview for Software Engineer Role January 2022 at BPMCE College through 3 Round approx 40 people took the round 1… Read More
Code Jam is Google’s global coding competition, It started back in 2003 as a competition limited to the topcoder area. It got its global face… Read More
ROUND 1: ONLINE WRITTEN TEST: It was the first elimination round which consisted of 4 sections and had several subsections in it, where every subsection… Read More
Round-1(Aptitude + Technical MCQs): This was an online round, conducted on the Mettl platform.The duration of this round was 60 minutes.The test consists of 25… Read More
Technical Round 1 (1hrs) Note: expected production-level codeDSA Round: Following questions were asked find x to power y.(later asked me to write down the code… Read More
I was interviewed for the sde-1 backend. There were 2 DSA interview rounds and 1 DSA and Low-Level Design combined round. Round-1(Technical): There were 2… Read More
NielsenIQ visited our campus for the second time and around 500 students applied for the role. Round 1: Aptitude Round (30 minutes): In this section,… Read More
Recently I interviewed with Vmock. I applied on Hirist for Senior Frontend Engineer Role and got a call. The recruiter had a thorough discussion with… Read More
Online Assessment: There was an online coding assessment in which you have to solve two coding questions in 70 min followed by behavioral pattern questions… Read More
Applied through the referral of a friend (Ula Employee) There was a total of 4 Rounds including an Online assessment, a Technical Round, a Managerial… Read More

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