Avis E-Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Interview Experience | Off Campus 2019-20

Avis E-Solutions held its Recruitment Drive for 2020 Batch for Software Developer Profile.

The shortlisting was made on basis of Amcat Scores. The drive was held in NIET ( Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology) College, Greater Noida. Around 400+ students had came to attend the drive.

Round 1:

The first round was held on Amcat . This round contains Aptitude, English, Technical and 2 Coding questions . The level of questions were average. After the first round we were told to leave as the results will be declared later.

Technical Interview:

I was shortlisted for the interview rounds . 16 students had came for the interview in their office premises . My interview panel was with the product manager. My Interview goes for around 30 minutes.

Questions were asked about the Projects and Technologies learnt.

Explain about the projects done?

What is Multithreading?

What is Race Condition?

What is Socket Programming?

Difference between Natural Join and Cross Join?

Some more questions related to Java Programming.

HR Round :

After the Technical Interview, I had my HR round with the Co-Founder of the company . He was a nice person . He asked about the family background and my education. Some questions like Why do you want to join us?, What offers you have already?,   What makes you different from others?

8 students were selected and got the offer letter the same day. And luckily I was the one among the selected ones.

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