Mountain Trail Foods Pvt Ltd (ChaiPoint) Interview Experience (Campus – March 2019)

I interviewed for ChaiPoint in March 2019. The students were screened based on resume/bio-datas before appearing for technical interviews. 19 out of 75 applicants were screened for the first round.

Round 1: It was a technical round based on Linked Lists. The interviewer asked me some basics and then asked me to write the following codes:

  1. Traversing a LL in zigzag order.
  2.  Reversing a LL.

Round 2: It was a technical round based on concepts of OOPS, Arrays, Linked Lists and SQL.
I was asked to code the following problem:
Given an array, for instance, [8, 8, 9] or [9, 9, 9], I was supposed to output the next number, like [8, 9, 0] or [1, 0, 0, 0] in this case.
I was also asked puzzles in this round. One of them was identifying a coin from 4 piles of coins that weighed less than all others given all other coins weighed the same. I was asked the least number of comparisons I would need to do this.

Round 3: It was the final technical round with tech head and a problem was given to code which required me to identify pair of three elements from the given array (no repetition), the addition of which would equal the given ‘sum’. There was a discussion on projects and favourite subjects, and few questions were asked related to my favourite subjects, the theory of computation and compiler construction.

Verdict- Selected

Only 2 students were selected out of the 19 that were screened.

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