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Aloha Technology Interview Experience (Off-Campus)

Last Updated : 05 Sep, 2023
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Role – Software Developer

First Round: Resume Shortlisting

Second Round: Aptitude Test and Pseudo code 20 Questions for 20 Minutes

1: For Aptitude Questions Go Through The Geeks For Geeks Aptitude Questions

2: For Pseudo Code Questions Go Through The Geeks For Geeks Pseudo code Questions

Third Round: Technical Interview ( Three Questions Asked)

First: Introduce Yourself

HR Asked Have you any offer letter?

After that, this process will happen

Question 1: Print Factorial

Question 2: Print Prime Number

Question 3 : Reverse String

OOPS Questions

1 : Overloading and Over riding

2 : Features of OOPS

HR Round : Simple HR Round Question (for practice go to GFG HR Questions)

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