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Cisco Interview Experience | Set 12

Round 1- (Written) There were 50 MCQ questions including aptitude, technical portions. Aptitude part was more dominant with approximately 35 questions & almost 15 technical questions. These questions covered following topics :- – Quantitative aptitude (relative speed, distance topic had 4-5 questions & rest 1-2 question from each topic). Questions were not very difficult but… Read More »

Cisco Interview Experience | Set 10 (On-Campus for Internship)

Hi everyone, recently CISCO visited our campus for a summer internship for pre-final year students(3rd year single degree + 4th year dual). 1st round (MCQ) The 1st round was a MCQ round consisting of 50 problems in 1 hour. The questions were from aptitude, Data structures, microprocessors and some common puzzles like the Josephus and… Read More »

Cisco Interview | Set 6

http://geeksforgeeks.org/ has a major role coming out to placement preparation if you want yourself to be placed in the reputed companies one thing that i will suggest is Be well versed in core cs concepts.Try to get profound knowledge in subjects like