A queue or FIFO (first in, first out) is an abstract data type that serves as a collection of elements, with two principal operations: enqueue, the process of adding an element to the collection.(The element is added from the rear side) and dequeue, the process of removing the first element that was added. (The element is removed from the front side). It can be implemented by using both array and linked list.

  1. Queue Introduction and Array Implementation
  2. Linked List Implementation of Queue
  3. Applications of Queue Data Structure
  4. Priority Queue Introduction
  5. Deque (Introduction and Applications)
  6. Implementation of Deque using circular array
  7. Implement Queue using Stacks
  8. Check whether a given Binary Tree is Complete or not
  9. Find the largest multiple of 3
  10. Find the first circular tour that visits all petrol pumps
  11. Maximum of all subarrays of size k
  12. An Interesting Method to Generate Binary Numbers from 1 to n
  13. How to efficiently implement k Queues in a single array?
  14. Minimum time required to rot all oranges
  15. Iterative Method to find Height of Binary Tree
  16. Construct Complete Binary Tree from its Linked List Representation
  17. Implement LRU Cache
  18. Breadth First Traversal for a Graph
  19. Implement a stack using single queue
  20. More…

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