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Tolexo (Indiamart company) Interview Experience | Set 1 ( Senior Software Developer)

Round 1 (Telephonic) : Discussed about previous projects. How Node.js internally works. What is left joins and how it’s works. Round 2 (F2F) : How inodb (mysql engine) works and it’s internal architecture. How joins works. More question from DB Inorder traversal of binary tree. Missing number Problem !! ( Some basic Ubuntu commands.  how… Read More »

Amazon Interview Experience | Set 275 ( Off-Campus SDE-I Experienced)

I was interviewed in Delhi for SDE-I position in Kindle Frameworks Team at Amazon. I was working as a Project Lead in Samsung, Noida and had a total experience of 1 year 10 months in the Software Industry. Round 1 : Written Print Boundary Traversal of a Given Binary Tree – Add Two Numbers Represented… Read More »