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Oracle Interview Experience | Set 43 (For 3 Years Experienced)

Last Updated : 12 Mar, 2017
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I attended interview for Java developer for 3 years experience.

First round was written for 40 mint which consist of 30 question. Out of 30, 25 questions were from Java fundamentals and 5 simple aptitude. Do not remember questions exactly but all were simple and easy.

After that 2 face to face interviews

1st round face to face
1. They ask tell me about yourself

2. Employee and department table design based on some condition like one employee can belong to more than one department then one employee can belong to one department only like this 5-6 question

3. There is an array [1,2,5,4,8,3] and sum = 7. Find all the sub set array such that sum of elements is 7
Example [1+2+4]=7, [2+5]=7, [4+3]=7

4 There are two array array1 = [a, f, h, k, m, o, s, r …….. and so on], array2 = [h, k, m. o]. Check that array1 contain array2 or not

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