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Swiggy Interview Experience | Set 3 (For SDE-2)

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1. Online coding test – HackerEarth
2. Machine coding round – Question and Input attached.

3. F2F – DS & Algo Round
a) Tail recursion for Fibonacci –
c) Sorted Array, count frequency of all numbers in less than O(n)
d) Longest Palindromic Substring

4. F2F – Design Round
Design a catalog system – Restaurants, Items, Categories, VariantGroups like Size, Variants like (S,M,L), AddOnGroups like Extra cheese, AddOns like White Cheese, Yellow Cheese. Price of item will vary on variant selected and even addon price will vary on variant selected.

Discussion about work done, how to make systems robust, fallbacks for system failures.

5. F2F – Hiring Manager Round
Discussion about work, challenges, ownership, why swiggy?

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Last Updated : 08 Feb, 2018
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