What’s new

  1. Sudo Placement : Free Online Course with Weekly Mock Contests, Quizzes and Learning Resources)
  2. ProGeek 2.0 (Last date 25th July)
  3. Geeks Classes in Noida | (GCET 3 on 17th July). Classes begin from 4-th August.

New resources for study/practice in placement season :

  1. Placement course for aptitude questions
  2. Placement practice track for coding interview questions
  3. C++ Track
  4. Must Do Coding Questions Company-wise
  5. Must Do Coding Questions Topic-wise

Changes/Improvements :

  1. Now users can create a contest by going to Contests Page
  2. Relevant practice tags now appear below every article so that users can do coding practice on topics of an article. These tags also include company names where the questions has been asked.

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