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TCS Digital Interview Experience(Sep 2019)

Last Updated : 14 Jan, 2022
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Hello friends,

First step for TCS is to qualify NQT with good score. Only top candidates get chance to sit at TCS digital written test. It is not hard to crack written paper if you are good in programming and coding mcq’s you only require to put some focus on Aptitude section. English section is very easy in both the examination NQT as well as TCS Digital written test. Coding mcq’s section mainly consist ‘C’ mcq and some questions related to ‘C++’ and ‘Java’ also. (one thing should be noted that if you are python programmer than you have some idea about python 2.7 syntax)

TCS Digital interview was held at ABES Engineering College,  Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh  all north India region qualified candidates gathered there. Candidates were divided into three slots 1, 2, 3. I was in first slot (9:00 A.M). About 300 candidates was in first slot. My turn came nearly 3:30 pm.

Round 1(Technical): 

Q1- Tell me about yourself?

Ans: I Introduced myself within 3-4 minutes.

(When I was answering interviewer go through my resume.)

Q2- What is your favorite subject?

Ans: Every subject has its own importance. I like every subject but mostly read DS, Algo and python.

Q3- Are you know queue and circular queue?

Ans- Explain FIFO concept pictorial and also tell the methods of its implementation like using array and linked list.

Q4- Perform insertion at the inner position in linked list?


Q5- Which is the best sorting algorithm?


To read more about different sorting algorithm and their time complexity analysis 

Q6- Explain Quick sort and Bubble sort using dry run?

Ans- Explained

Q7- Are you comfortable with DBMS?

Ans- Yes, I worked as a application user when I was a part of website development team in my college project.( that is not mentioned in my resume)

Q8- Define normalization and explain 1st, 2nd and 3rd normalization with example?


For different normal form refer this:

Q9- Write a query to fetch name, age, department of person drawing 5th largest salary from a company?


Q10- Tell me about your projects one by one?

Ans- I started in a chronological order and in every project first I explain basic concepts (i.e how my projects work), then motivation about building that project, technologies used in development and difficulties face during development.

After that interviewer told me please wait outside we will inform you for further steps. After 15 mins MR calls me.

Round 2(MR+HR):

Q1- Write a function to insert element at the end of linked list and middle of linked list?


At the end –

At the middle- 

Q2- Discuss about technologies you are aware about?

Ans:- One by one explained all the technologies and project related to them.

Q3- Tell me about your hobbies?

Ans:- Reading novel, cycling, walking.

Q4- Tell me about last novel you read?

Ans- Novel name, its author and theme.

Q5- You are told you know python. Then tell me about some python packages?

Ans- In general use- os, re, itertools, collections, bisect etc. For machine learning numpy, pandas, sklearn etc.

Q6- Why you choose TCS?

Waiting for result………………

Thank-you geeks for geeks for helping me prepare all this while.  ?


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