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TCS digital 2019 Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 15 Oct, 2019

TCS digital test was on 6 july, there was eligibility of about 70% till current result semester and luckily i have above of it .
Test duration was 2 hours, 10 mins for english it was  easy total 15 questions, next 30 min for quants and reasoning total 15 questions arrived it was from permutation and combination and probability there was not any options like mcq but some had options this was quite difficult .

Next 10 questions arrived from C, to find error or output this was easy here also there was mcq type , 20 min for it.
And 1 hour for coding question was difficult but it can be solved if someone not wasting time after reading it, I suggest you plz took codevita it helps you alot question was of similar level and request you not waste time after reading it i wasted nearly about 20 – 25 min and i regret about it.

The question was on polynomial equation and i suggest you make programing concepts clear and start preparing from 3rd or 4th sem onwards focus on concepts refer GeeksforGeeks, it helps you alot start preparing from it do regular programs you may get depress but i assure you it helps.

I didnt get a call for interview but the experience was worthy. One thing that u should remember is that at the end there will be you vs you.No one can defeat you unless you accept it.

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