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TCS Digital Interview Experience 2022

Last Updated : 18 Nov, 2023
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I wrote TCS NQT on 27/08/2022 online. Then, on 11/09/2022 I was informed by HR that I was selected for TCS Digital interview through mail.

Before the day of the interview, a link for the interview(for me, it happened in Microsoft Teams), instructions, and documents that we should be ready with are shared through mail.


The interview happened on 29/10/2022. The interview lasted around 40-45 minutes during which technical, HR, and managerial rounds happened. There were three members of the interview panel.

Technical round questions:

  • Write a program to determine whether the given two rectangles(dimensions of two rectangles are given) overlap or not.
    Here is the explanation and code:
  • Write an SQL query to return all even rows of the table.
  • Asked to explain the projects that I had mentioned in my resume.

HR round questions:

  • Why should we hire you?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Managerial Round:

Asked to show the soft copies of the documents that were mentioned in the mail which was sent the day before the interview.

Common technical questions that can be expected:

The questions vary based on the Interview panel, our resume, and some other factors. But the most commonly asked questions in TCS digital interviews are :

  • Questions regarding projects
    We should know about the technologies and tools used in the project. We also must be able to explain the use of our project in real time.
  • Asking to write a program.
    We should be good at any OOPS-based language and DSA.
    There might be a chance to ask about the programs that we were solving in the TCS NQT.
  • Expecting certifications, or expertise in any Computer science domain.
    It is good to have certification or knowledge in any of the computer science domains like Web Development(React, Angular, Backend development, etc..), Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Data Science, Database Administration, Machine Learning, Cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, etc…

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