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TCS Digital Interview Experience 2023

Last Updated : 21 Feb, 2023
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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a company that needs no introduction approached our college’s T&P office for hiring fresh grads for Ninja and Digital profiles. The profile offered to individuals was based on their performance in online Screening tests which consisted of MCQs based on Aptitude, Reasoning, and questions based on Computer Science Fundamentals such as DBMS, Networking, OOPs, and Data Structures followed by coding rounds. 

The screening round consisted of the following sections :

  • Verbal Section(15Q, 10 minutes) 
  • Quantitative Aptitude(15Q, 40 minutes)

The coding round consisted of the following section:

  • Coding Section (2 Programming Questions,  45 minutes ) (Level – medium)
    • The first question was on the easier side which can be solved using conditional statement(s)
    • The second question required a bit of command over Data structures fundamentals.

After successfully clearing the online screening round, we received an excel file from our Training and Placement office where the names of students were displayed along with the job profile offered to them and I was the one with the digital profile.

I’ve been offered a System Engineer role in the TCS DIGITAL profile in the month of  December 2022. I am sharing my interview experience.

The Digital Interview was a combination of three rounds (all at the same time) with 3-panel members:

Panelist 1 : (Technical): This is the beginning of the interview. Here Interviewer may ask you to introduce yourself and tell them about yourself in order to know your technical as well as social background followed by basic technical questions based on our current academics such as the basics of the OOP Concept (Pseudocode of the implementation), DBMS (SQL Query), Networking, etc. 

Panelist 2: Here, mostly the questions we’re based on the project which I showcased in my resume. Few basic programming problems such as Fibonacci Number using recursion along with some basic DBMS Questions such as CLAUSES and QUERIES. My First language was C++ so I was asked questions based on this.

Panelist 3 : (HR):  This Panel was more focused on my personality and perception towards joining TCS. The questions asked me were based on my future goals, my plan to study further, and also most importantly “Why TCS?”. In short, they wanted to know what will be my vision after I get placed in TCS. Am I good at adapting to changes and all? Along with that, I was questioned about the study gap I had of one year and also what productive outcomes I achieved during the Lockdown period. I was also asked questions based on my preferences such as relocation etc.

Overall, It was an awesome experience interacting with the interviewers. The panel was pretty well and interactive. All the questions that have been asked are based on my resume as well as projects so prepare yourself based on your resume and also have a superficial knowledge about new technologies like ML, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Deep Learning, and Big Data as they may ask you about there in order to check your knowledge about latest trends.

Final Verdict: Selected

Hope You find this article helpful. All the best. Thank you

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