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TCS Digital 2019 Interview Experience

Last Updated : 14 Jan, 2022
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I got selected for TCS Digital interview process through the TCS Digital Exam. This exam is conducted only for a few selected colleges. Here is how my first ever job interview went!

There were 3 people taking the Technical and HR interview together. 5 minutes into the interview and my nervousness faded away; my panel was really friendly. They asked me how my day has been. I had 2 people taking my technical interview while one was asking general HR questions. I handed my resume to them and the interview began.

  1. I am from ECE background so I had a lot of robotics-related projects. They asked me about the line following robot I had worked with. “What is the minimum number of IR sensors needed for a line following robot?”. Answered 3.
  2. What is IoT? Applications of IoT.
  3. There is a lot of buzz about digital India. What is digital India according to you?
  4. I had mentioned Machine Learning and Artificial Neural Networks on my resume. So they asked, “What are Neural Networks? How can we perform handwritten digit recognition?”
  5. I had a project on Face Detection and Recognition. They asked me if mobile applications use Deep Learning for Face Detection. I told them about the “Viola-Jones Algorithm” Read here.
  6. We talked about my internship at IIT Bombay. I had done a Swarm Robotics Project on Drones. They asked how I used multithreading to control multiple drones and some questions about ROS and socket programming.
  7. Then they asked me about the Android app I had made. It was an application that uses NLP to convert Indian Languages to Sign Language. I told them how I used NLP for POS-tagging.

We talked a little more about my projects. I told them how my interested shifted from ECE to CSE and I started coding.

They gave me a pattern and asked me to write a code to print it. I wrote an O(n^2) algorithm. They asked me if I can reduce the complexity to O(n). The pattern was this:



121  (which is 11*11)

12321 (which is 111*111)

so on..

This 11*11 thing didn’t strike me so they explained it to me.

This is what happened next,

Interviewer: “Who is the CEO and who is the Chairman of TCS?”

Me: “Chairman is Mr. N Chandrasekaran and CEO is Rajesh Gopi… Gopi something :p”

They laughed and the HR completed the surname “Gopinathan”. She then asked if I was okay with relocating, is my family okay with it, if I am okay with night shifts, etc. I replied yes to all of these questions just like we are supposed to in HR rounds! The next question was “where do you see yourself in 5years?”.

Before leaving I asked them about my job profile. They said it can be anything related to IT/CS.

Final Verdict: Selected!

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