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TCS Digital Interview Experience 2020

Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022
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Round 1: TCS conducted an Online Aptitude test which consisted of two parts:

Part A – Conducted on 3rd October 

  • English (10 mins)
  • Quantitative Aptitude (40 mins)

Part B – Conducted on 4th October

  • Advanced Coding (70 mins)

Result: The result of the first round was communicated through mail on 10th October. 48 students cleared the first round including me. 

My Interview was scheduled for 12th October at 4 PM IST.

Round 2: First I was asked to produce documents such as Government ID Proof, College Marksheets, after which I was asked whether I had any current backlogs or not. They also asked If I had any gap in education.

This round was a Technical and HR round with a panel of three members. (2 Technical HR and 1 Normal HR). 

Most of the questions were asked about the skills that I had mentioned in my resume.

Important Note: Please don’t add any skills of which you are not confident in your resume. 


  • Tell me about yourself.

It is very important to create a great first impression here. Be honest and talk confidently. These were some questions asked during the interview.

Technical Questions: Following on what I said as the last point in the above question (I said that I had special interests in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Quantum Computing), they started asking questions on AI such as what are the applications of AI.

  1. What are the annotations in Java?
  2. What are wrapper classes in Java? 
  3.  Explain about keys in RDBMS.
  4. What is an interface in Java (Scenario based Questions to check the understanding of the difference between the usage of abstract classes and interfaces)?
  5. Write a Python program to find the max of two numbers. 
  6. Write a Python program to sort a dictionary by key. 
  7. How would you rate yourself in Java on a scale of 10?
  8. Have you participated in Hackathons/workshops or paper presentations?
  9. Deep discussion about projects – the Teck Stack used and its applications and project development lifecycle.

    Be sure that you are thorough with the working of the projects and you are in a position to explain the intricacies. This project discussion alone took around 20-25 mins. You can bring in the interviewers into your comfort zone and the interview will go on smoothly. As I had done enough projects in the field of Mobile Application Development and Web Development, I really enjoyed explaining about my projects.

  10. What are the applications of Artificial Intelligence?
  11. What is the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning?

They were really satisfied with the way I answered the questions and were impressed with my projects. This round lasted for a period of 45-50 minutes.

At last, they asked If I had any questions, I asked what will be the work environment in TCS and what would a typical day look like?

The interview ended with a Thank-you note.

Results: The results were declared on 18th October and total of 28 candidates were selected of which 11 got Digital Offer (including me) and the rest 17 got Ninja Offer. 

I would like to thank Geeks for Geeks which helped me in improving my programming skills. 

Happy Coding!

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