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TCS Digital Interview Experience 2023

Last Updated : 22 May, 2023
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I got a chance to upgrade my profile from Ninja to Digital. This Program is called DCA upgrade.

First Round: This round was the same as the TCS NQT Advance section. You will have to solve Numerical ability, Verbal ability, and Logical ability type questions. You also have to solve 2 coding questions. In my time I solve all coding problems with 100% accuracy and the other section was going average.

Interview Round: In this round, there were 3 interviewers in my panel.  Here are the series of questions that were asked in this round

  • Tell me about yourself.

Ans: I told them briefly. I mentioned everything which was written in my cv. I mentioned my research project which is ML-based. so after that, they started asking me ML-related questions.

  • 2. They asked me to explain my project.

Ans: I explained them and they asked me some related questions about ML like

  • What kind of data I am using?
  • How much data is in my dataset?
  • what is supervised learning?
  • which model did I use for my project?
  • what is a random forest model?
  • what is a decision tree?

After that, they asked me a coding question,

  • 3. Swap two numbers without using a third variable.

Ans: I solve this using the XOR operation.

After that, my technical interview round is over.

HR ROUND: After that one interviewer asked me some questions hr related like

  • Which domain do I like to work in?

Ans: I told them that I am comfortable in AI/ML domain, but I am also ready to work in other domains and learn some new technologies.

  • Then I was asked some other basic hr related questions and my interview was over.

Overall my interview experience was good, I am very confident after my interview.

TIP: Always prepare best for your interviews, go through your project well, and understand everything that you had done. Preparing for DSA is a must and Core CS subject is good.

Thank You

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