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TCS Digital Interview Experience Sept 2022

Last Updated : 07 Oct, 2022
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Unlike previous years where you were supposed to write 2 exams (TCS NQT and TCS Ninja Topper Test) for getting a TCS digital offer, this time around we were supposed to write only a single test (TCS NQT) and the offer you got was based on your performance in NQT. The entire hiring process was of just 2 rounds.

Round 1: Online test which had 2 sections.

  • Section 1 – Foundation Section (Compulsory for both profiles): This section had basic aptitude questions based on Verbal Ability, Reasoning Ability, and Quantitative Ability.
  • Section 2 – Advanced Section (Compulsory for Digital profile only): This section had 2 sub-sections.
    • The first sub-section had Advanced Quantitative Ability and Advanced Reasoning Abilities.
    • The second sub-section was Advanced Coding. There were 2 problem statements given. The first problem was of easy difficulty and the second problem was of medium-hard difficulty. Total test time was 75 mins for section 1 + 35 mins for advanced section 1 + 55 mins for advanced coding = 165 mins. You can find the detailed test pattern here To be honest, I felt that the advanced aptitude round was easier than the foundation round ????.

Round 2: This round was the interview round over a TelView call. About a week after NQT you’d receive a mail saying that you’re shortlisted for an interview with TCS for either ninja or digital profile (but they wouldn’t have mentioned the date of the interview) and about a week after that you’d receive a mail one day prior to your interview.

This round was 1 hour long and all the 3 interviews (TR, MR, and HR) happened on the same call. I read a few interview experiences and most of them stated that the TR and MR ask questions on digital technologies like IoT, Cloud Computing, AI/ML, Big data, Augmented reality, etc and they expect you to have made projects on those topics, but I guess it was only for the candidates who had finished their engineering because I ( currently in 7th semester) didn’t have any projects on digital technologies and didn’t face any problems due to that.

Technical interview round (lasted about 20-25 mins): The TR first asked questions like

  • Introduce yourself
  • What’s the difference between python and java
  • Why is python preferred in fields like AI/ML
  • Write a program for printing the Fibonacci series
  • Write SQL query to retrieve names that start with “s”
  • Write SQL query to retrieve names that end with “a”
  • Explain your projects briefly

and a few more easy questions.

Managerial round (lasted about 20 mins):

  • How do you spend your leisure time
  • Are you planning about doing further studies
  • What do you know about digital technologies
  • Who are the top 3 cloud service providers
  • Are you interested in the cloud computing domain ( I answered that I prefer data science and ML)
  • Why do you prefer ML
  • What do you think is important while working in a group
  • If your colleagues were having a conflict, how would you handle it
  • ( I had made a few web development projects so.. ) Can you share the URL for your website

and a few questions about my routine.

HR round (lasted about 2-3 mins):

  • Are you a team player or prefer working solo
  • How many years are you planning to work in TCS
  • Do you have any backlogs
  • Are there any year gaps in your studies

A week after the interview I received a mail that I was selected for the digital profile as a Systems Engineer and it had the details about how I can download my offer letter.

Overall, I would say that anyone can easily crack TCS digital if they utilize the free resources provided by tcs Launchpad and are thorough with their fundamentals (refer to GeeksForGeeks Last Minute Notes for revision).

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