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TCS Digital Interview Experience 2020

Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022
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Round 1: TCS conducted an aptitude test consisting of quant and verbal questions.

The next day they conducted a coding round which comprised two questions and for each question there were only 5 attempts. The time allotted to solve both questions was 1hour, I coded both. Each question involved public and private test cases.

The result for round 1 was calculated on the basis of performance in both coding and aptitude tests.

I was shortlisted for an interview 🙂

Note: There were 3 interviewers amongst which one took my HR and the other two Technicals.

Round 2: Interview

  • Interviewer: Hello, How are you feeling?
  • Me: I replied her great with a nice smile (I was quite confident :).  
  • Interviewer: Ok tell me about yourself.
  • Me: I introduced myself to her in which I told her about my college details, my educational background, and my hobbies and interests.
  • Interviewer: Any other interests do you have?
  • Me: Answered it. Then after taking my introduction she passed it to the person who took my technical interview.
  • Interviewer: Asked about my projects
  • Me: I told her about my projects (For your information I made 5 projects amongst which four were of ML and one was of Web Dev.)
  • Interviewer: That means you are more comfortable in Python…
  • Me: Yes Mam! 
  • Interviewer: Ok tell me about any of the technical concepts in Python of your choice.
  • Me: I chose Exception handling and told everything related to it like how to create your own exception class, what is the exception, some common exceptions in Python, and everything else related to it.
  • Interviewer: What is a dictionary how does it work?
  • Me: Answered it told her all about hashing technique that it makes use of a backend.
  • Interviewer: What is self in Python?
  • Me: Answered it.
  • Interviewer: Tell me about type casting in python.
  • Me: Answered it.
  • Interviewer: What is the lambda function?
  • Me: Answered it.
  • Interviewer: What is pickling in Python?
  • Me: Answered it. I also told her how I made use of pickling in my one of the project to save ML trained model.
  • Interviewer: Good what all other technologies have you worked upon?
  • Me: Answered that I have worked on Django, Java, Python, JS, jQuery, ML, CSS, JSP, etc.
  • Interviewer: That’s Nice do you know about the cloud, blockchain anything else other than ML?
  • Me: Answered it I told about cloud computing, blockchain, and data analytics.
  • Interviewer: Then some cross-questions on what I answered?
  • Me: Answered it.
  • Interviewer: What is the 51% problem in blockchain?
  • Me: Answered it.
  • Interviewer: If in the dictionary a key already exists and I try to again insert the same key in that dictionary with a different value what will happen?
  • Me: Answered that the old key value will get replaced with the new key value.
  • Interviewer: Explain to me any of your one projects in detail.
  • Me: I explained to her in detail everything about my project along with some code snippets explanation also.
  • Interviewer: Nice explain any ML algorithm of your choice.
  • Me: I explained her working of K-Means Clustering along with all the mathematical concepts that this algorithm makes use of to cluster data.
  • Interviewer: Good what all certifications have you done?
  • Me: Answered it (I mentioned 2 NPTEL certifications and some Coursera, Udemy, and IBM cognitive class certifications in my resume).
  • Interviewer: Smiled and asked who is CEO of TCS?
  • Me: Rajesh Gopinathan Sir.
  • Interviewer: Where does he live (laughing :))?
  • Me: I laughed as I was also not knowing that, I replied “Mam I don’t know that probably Mumbai :)”.
  • Interviewer: It was very nice talking to you!! (passed to HR) 
  • HR Interviewer: what role will you prefer in TCS?
  • Me: I replied “Development”.
  • Interviewer: What if we offer something else like testing?
  • Me: Well that will not be a problem for me as I have that versatility but it would be great if I get development as I have more experience in that and will be able to perform my best on that.
  • Interviewer: Do u have any problem with relocation?
  • Me: No mam no problem with that. I’m ready to relocate.
  • Interviewer: Ok thank you, our team will contact you…
  • Me: Thanks mam (with a smile).

I received results after 10 days of interview and was selected for the digital profile!!.


  1. Their main focus was on projects if you have some good projects on cutting edge technology your chances will increase for sure. 
  2. Be confident maintaining a smile on your face.
  3. Just answer everything with confidence and u will bang on!!


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