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TCS Codevita 2020 Interview Experience
  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 13 Oct, 2020

After solving 2 questions, I managed to get a 2.5k rank in Codevita. Unlike previous years, this year only those with a rank of less than 10k were given interview opportunities.

  • Codevita Exam Date: 15th August 2020
  • Codevita Result Date: 3rd September 2020
  • Interview Date: 14th September 2020. I got the mail 4 days before the interview.

INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE: The interview was online and it was conducted on the Microsoft Teams platform. We were told that we will be getting a call from the panelist at any time on that day and we need to be ready within 15 mins. Me and many of my friends joined the interview through the given invitation link before the call and waited. After waiting for an hour the panelists joined and the interview started.

There were 3 panelists-technical, managerial, and HR.

Technical Round:

  • Introduction
  • I was asked about my subject of interest. Told them DSA, oop, and DBMS.
  • What is OOP?
  • Properties of OOP.
  • What is inheritance?
  • What is Polymorphism?
  • What is multiple inheritances?
  • Problems associated with multiple inheritances in c++ and to solve it.
  • What is the primary key, foreign key?
  • Can the foreign key be a non-primary key?
  • Given a postfix expression. Convert it to infix expression. Just the approach.
  • How to make a website responsive?
  • Why we use the stack in DFS and queue in BFS?

I was able to answer them all and the interviewer was convinced with my answers.

Managerial Round:

  • In my introduction, I have told them that I was the Technical Head of Innovation Club in our college. So he asked me the role I played as the Technical head.
  • What I will do if I was assigned some work on the weekend by my Team Lead?

HR Round:

  • Why TCS?
  • Where do you see yourself after 5 years?
  • Comfortable with reallocation and night shifts?
  • Then he asked me to share my screen and show him my documents-Aadhar card, class 10, and 12 mark sheets.

The interview lasted for 30 minutes. I was expecting more questions from their side especially from DSA. After the interview, I thought that they will conduct another round in order to shortlist for Digital Role as no such questions were asked me which will make my selection In TCS Digital. And this similar thing has happened to many of my friends.

After 20 days we got the result. And as expected I was offered the Ninja role. 25 students appeared from my college and only 2 of them were given the Digital role and around 20 of them Ninja role.

Good Luck!!!!

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