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TCS DIGITAL Interview Experience (Through NQT for 2020 passing outs)

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TCS Digital is a job profile in TCS which gives you a chance to work in digital technologies. Interview results of TCS Digital are out and thankfully I am selected. After clearing TCS NQT and TCS Digital written test I got selected for Digital profile interview. In this blog, I will be sharing my interview experience for the Digital profile. You should go through this link for detailed info about this profile and preparation tips. It helped me a lot.

Round 1: Technical and Managerial combined:
There were two people in my panel(TR and MR). The interview lasted 45-50 minutes. Most of the questions were from my projects, area of interest and skills mentioned in my CV.

  • The interviewer asked for my resume and asked to tell me about yourself? I gave a general answer but in the end, I told him about my interests in digital technologies like ML, Blockchain and that I am really looking forward to joining TCS Digital.
  • The MR person started asking questions from Blockchain as it was mentioned in my area of interest and I, a project in blockchain was mentioned in my resume.
    1. Tell me what is Blockchain in layman terms?
    2. Is it immutable? How?
    3. Public vs Private Blockchain?
    4. Working with Bitcoin?
    5. Tell me about the applications of Blockchain other than cryptocurrency?
    6. How encryption is done? Any Hashing algorithm you know?

    And other basic questions from the blockchain. There were 3-4 questions which I couldn’t answer.

  • Then TR person started asking questions from machine learning and my project which was a ‘human facial expression detector’ designed using transfer learning.
    1. What is machine learning exactly?
    2. Explain Gradient Descent?
    3. What are Precision and Recall?
    4. What is the F1 score and why it is used?
    5. How AI is different from ML?
    6. What is more important to you, the accuracy of model or performance?
    7. Supervised unsupervised learning?
    8. KNN algorithm and SVM?
    9. Bayes Theorem and Fourier Transformation?
    10. Classification vs Regression?
    11. Questions about Neural network and deep learning.
    12. Type1 and Type2 errors.
  • Now he asked me to explain my ML Project-
    1. How did you implement transfer learning? Explain Transfer learning? He gave me a pen and paper. Explained, didn’t look satisfied.
    2. Why did you choose transfer learning? I explained in detail the whole concept and internal working of transfer learning.
    3. Write the code that you used to implement the model? I told him that it was implemented in Linux terminal using Tensorflow libraries and I don’t remember those commands. He looked unsatisfied so I told him I have done other basic projects in which I have implemented Neural network cost function and Backpropagation from scratch.
    4. Write Backpropagation algorithm code in Python and I want exact code no pseudocode or algo. I wrote the code and explained it to him in detail with the help of a diagram. He stopped me in the middle, gave me a disappointing look and asked me about my other skills. I told him Algo and DS.
  • Then he asked me questions from DS:
    1. What is a data structure?
    2. Asked about Binary Search Tree.
    3. Derive complexities of different operations on BST.
    4. What is a linked list?
    5. How it is different from an array?
    6. Write a program to find whether a linked list is circular or not?
    7. Which data structure will you use for storing huge data and why?
  • Then MR asked me what will you do If you are selected for digital but you are assigned a project which is not related to digital technologies? I told him that I will talk to my bosses and explain to them my skills and how much I am interested in these technologies. I will explain to him that I can perform very well in these fields for the company. And since there are many projects in TCS related to these techs, they will not ignore me as I believe in my skills.
    He said I will be your boss and will assign you a service-based testing project for 3 years, then what will you do? I told him that I want to make my career in digital technologies but as a fresher, I can explore different fields if there is any learning opportunity but if I am not learning anything and there is no other option available, I will immediately start looking for other jobs. Finally, he looked satisfied.We waited for 45 minutes and then HR started for shortlisted candidates from TR-MR.

Round 2:(HR)

  • Tell me about yourself including your family details?
  • Your area of interest is machine learning and blockchain. Tell me some recent work in these fields? I told her about recent work in different companies including TCS Ignio and how fast it is growing. She was impressed.
  • Your favorite programming language and rate yourself in it.
  • Asked about my achievements (About Coding contests in Codechef, onsite participation in Jio Code Gladiator, etc.)
  • Relocation and night shift.
  • Which job location you will prefer if you are selected?
  • She asked about my one year gap after 12th, which was for Jee Mains. Asked me about pending backlogs if any?
  • She told me about the contract.
  • Do you have any questions for me? I asked her about the training period, growth in this profile, projects, and other stuff. She answered in detail.

Strategies I followed:

    • Prepared 2-3 projects related to advance technologies. It gives you a big advantage
    • Was confident throughout the interview, didn’t show the interviewer any nervousness even when he declined my 3-4 answers and showed me that he is not satisfied
    • Tried to make them believe that I am really interested in this job profile
    • When I did not know the answer for a question I simply said no
    • Tried to cover TCS’s work in advance tech., even if they are not asking directly about TCS.

Having some projects in your resume is an added advantage but you should be able to explain them in detail. Selecting in an interview depends on many factors, there are many panels with a different mindset, you don’t worry about that, belief in yourself, be a good listener in the interview and be confident if it is your day you are definitely going to crack it.

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Last Updated : 14 Jan, 2022
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