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TCS Digital Interview Experience 2022

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Hello geeks! I would like to share my TCS Digital interview experience

First of all interested candidates need to apply for TCS drive through the Nextstep portal.  After application, an online test was scheduled. The online test consisted of 4 sections:-

  • Quantitative aptitude
  • English
  • Logical reasoning
  • Computer fundamentals & hands-on programming

The total duration of the test was around 3 hours. Please note that there was a time limit for an individual question. The questions were not that easy, especially the quants. Quantitative aptitude required good problem-solving and calculation skills. Practice it well. Hands-on programming was quite easy. One question was based on counting the digits and another was based on dynamic programming. 

After a few days, they shortlisted the top 5% candidates for the “Ninja Toppers’ Test”. Fortunately, I was one of them. After a few days, again an exam was scheduled. The exam consisted of 2 coding questions of moderate-hard difficulty level. The first question was based on permutation and combination and the second question was based on dynamic programming. 

Based on my performance in Ninja Toppers Test, I was shortlisted for the interview round. The interview consisted of 3 panelists who were conducting TR, MR, and HR rounds. 

  1. First of all, one panelist asked me to show my government ID. I showed it to her. Then she asked me about my college, semester, and other general details. After that, I was directed towards the TR panelist. He introduced himself and asked for my introduction. Then he moved on towards asking questions.
  2. First of all he asked me about my 7th and 6th-semester subjects. I answered accordingly. Since I mentioned cloud computing as one of my subjects, he asked me its definition.
  3. Then he gave me a situation. If there’s a company whose servers got down and the whole service is disrupted, what should the company do? (Ans:- Depends on the server architecture that the company has adopted, should deploy another capable server, should deploy backup server). I answered these points and he was quite satisfied.
  4. Then he asked me about what languages am I aware of. I mentioned C and JAVA. Then, he asked me some points of difference between these two. Some discussion about which language is better. Then he asked me about multithreading. 
  5. Then he moved on towards databases. He asked me about the difference between DBMS and RDBMS. Then he gave me one situation and asked me to design an SQL logic for it and tell him the approach. I answered satisfactorily. 

Then he passed me to the MR panelist. 

  1. He asked me to how much extent do I know Cloud Computing. I told him whatever I knew about Cloud. 
  2. Then he asked me about my hobbies. Answered.
  3. Then he asked me about my strengths and weaknesses. Answered. 
  4. Then he passed me to the HR panelist. 
  5. She asked me about arrears and backlogs. Answered.
  6. She asked me about the 10th and 12th percentages. Answered. 
  7. She asked me about my current CGPA. 
  8. Location constraints, ready to work in shifts.
  9. Ready to work in any technology. 

So, this was all for the interview round.  After a week, results were announced and I was shortlisted for the Digital profile!! I was damn happy and was on the ninth cloud. Finally, my hard work and perseverance paid off. From our college 64 were selected for TCS out of which only 3 were selected for the digital profile. 


  • Don’t ignore the aptitude section. TCS aptitude exam is quite challenging. 
  • Aquire knowledge of any 1 emerging technology. It is extremely beneficial for digital profile interviews. 
  • Keep your basics strong. If your basics are clear, half the job is done there itself. 
  • Keep calm and crack that interview!!!


Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022
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