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Microsoft IDC visited our campus for internships. They set CGPA cut off as 7 for applying. Round-1(Online test) The first online round was on Co-Cubes… Read More
Round 1: Written Test included two sections. Section A: Output based questions,  SQL queries, Finding error in given code (THIS SECTION HAD NEGATIVE MARKING). Section B: This round… Read More
The entire process consisted of 5 rounds: 1 online coding, 1 debugging, 2 Technical and 1 HR/System Design Round. The minimum criteria for the online… Read More
First round: Coding round 2 questions, conducted on co-cubes(50 min) one was easy and another one was medium. Second round: Technical round1 Explanation about the… Read More
Cognizant attended our campus for recruiting students for the role of Program Analyst Trainee. Round 1:(Written Test) The first round was conducted in AMCAT which… Read More
Oyo came to our campus(Punjab Engineering College) for placements.The CGPA cutoff was 6.45 and it was open for circuital branches(CSE/ECE/EE)  I was from EE. Round… Read More
Recently, GS visited our college during internships to recruit ‘Summer Analysts’ for 2019. Round 1 was an online test hosted on HackerRank. It was composed… Read More
BA Continuum India Pvt Ltd. visited our college for on campus placements for the role of Senior Tech Associate. Round 1: Online Aptitude test hosted… Read More
Goldman Sachs had come to our campus to hire students for both Placements and Internships. This article describes the experience for internships but at the… Read More
MAQ software came to our campus for the role of software engineers and allowed only CS and Software engineering branch. They had three rounds, including… Read More
Wipro came to our campus ( National Institute of Technology, Durgapur ) on 12/09/2018 for the role of Project Engineer with 6.5LPA CTC. Round 1… Read More
Round 1(Online Test): DURATION: 90 mins Basic Computer science related questions related to: Java (OOPs Concepts) C/C++ (Pointers) Unix Bash SQL (Mainly JOINs and Normalizations)… Read More
There was an on-campus drive of Tek system in our college. Recruitment Process: (1)Quantitative + Technical Round:- In this round there were five sections in… Read More
Samsung R&D Institute, Delhi visited our campus for FTE offer. The cut-off was 7 CGPA throughout and eligible departments were CSE, ECE and EE. 1.… Read More
MorganStanley came to our college for campus recruitment. The first round was  online test, 7 questions some error correction (whether syntax or logical error), aptitude… Read More

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