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Number of Rounds: 3 Aptitude Round: Coding Aptitude: Mainly there will be pseudo-code and you have to choose the output in the other hand you… Read More
Round 2: MISSION WITH MI6: Last year a hacking took place in the safest and crucial defense network of the US. Hackers downloaded crucial defense-related… Read More
College: NMIET, Pune Branch: Mechanical Engineering Type of interview: Off-Campus Interview Student Interview: I applied for the Capgemini Off-Campus Drive through Referral Drive. One of… Read More
Due to the ongoing pandemic, the placements were all virtual and the rounds were quite interactive and fun and took place on the AON cocubes… Read More
Hello everyone, recently being hired as a fresher in Capgemini as a data analyst for the upcoming year 2021. So, Capgemini had come to our… Read More
The new virtual process consists of three rounds Round 1 (Written Test}: The written test was conducted in some kind of assessment tool provided by… Read More
Today I am sharing my experience in interviewing with Capgemini. In the month of August 2020, Capgemini started the registration process through Superset. The Job… Read More
Capgemini visited our college for hire. It offered two different profile The first round was an online test that consists of. Pseudocode round(25 questions -25… Read More
There were 4 rounds for the whole recruitment. Round 1: This round consists of Technical Aptitude, English Aptitude, Game-Based Aptitude. This was an online-based test… Read More
Suppose you have 10 boxes and each box contains 10 Cigarettes. 9 out of 10 boxes have each Cigarette of 10 gm. Remaining 1 box… Read More
Pandemic has resulted campus hiring to go virtual and all major companies have the infrastructure ready. Capgemini has introduced a new platform called the Exceller… Read More
Hello Reader, I appeared for a Capgemini Off-Campus Recruitment drive in February 2020. I received a registration link from a friend and I registered on… Read More
Round 1: Online Test Eligibility to appear in their online test was a minimum 60 per cent overall with no active backlog and maximum one… Read More
Capgemini visited our campus for selection process in August and there were 4 rounds of selection process. Below I have described each round in a… Read More
This was a pool campus recruitment drive conducted at the Institute of Innovation and Management (IITM)- Janakpuri, Delhi. The entire process consisted of 4 rounds… Read More