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As we all Know TCS is such a multinational Company in India , Every student have dream to work with such Giant company. TCS recruits… Read More
Recruitment Process: Nagarro came to our campus on 18 OCT 2021 for recruitment offering 2 positions SD and CSD. For that we have to go… Read More
Eligibility Branch: Open To all (No branch bias at all) (B.Tech + idd) CGPA: 7.8 Verdict: Waitlist Online Test: There were total of 4 questions.… Read More
Cutoff: 7 CPI Oracle came here with two profiles, Applications Development and Server Technologies. The written test was common for both the profiles. Written Test… Read More
Texas Instruments visited our campus for full-time roles. They offered 3 roles Digital Engineer Software Engineer Analog Engineer CPI criteria were 7. There were a… Read More
I am really glad to share that I have joined Amazon as an Intern. In this article, i will be sharing my first FAANG(MAANG) Interview… Read More
The whole process consisted of one coding round and 3 interview rounds. Due to covid, the whole process was virtual.  Online Coding Round: It was… Read More
My Ph.D. interview experience of IIIT Delhi.   I was interested in the research area of computer engineering & science (Wireless Networks) I was shortlisted… Read More
There was a total of 4 rounds after the “Application Shortlisting” part. ROUND 1 (Aptitude Round): The aptitude questions were moderate and it covered all… Read More
Round 1(i) – CoCubes Assessment: The first round of CoCubes Assessment consisted of general aptitude, verbal and technical questions. (70 questions, 75 Mins).  Aptitude questions… Read More
Difficulty Level: Easy Last Updated : 07 Dec, 2021 It was an on-campus drive conducted by Gainsight in BMSIT campus. There was a total of… Read More
I am an undergraduate student pursuing my bachelor’s degree from Information Technology Branch. This is an On-campus drive. Profile Offered: GDS Consulting WAM Eligibility  Criteria… Read More
Shortlisting criteria: Resume and CGPA based (students were asked to fill a google form and 9 students were shortlisted). Each round was an elimination round… Read More
Round 1(Online Test): Debugging: 7 easy debugging questions Question-based on the tree. The difficulty level was medium-hard. Question-based on sorting. The difficulty level was easy-medium.… Read More
There was a total of 3 rounds of interviews. One online test and 2 technical interview rounds  Online Coding Round:   7 easy debugging questions… Read More

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