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HashedIn by Deloitte Interview Experience 2021

Last Updated : 05 Oct, 2021
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I am a student from Tier 3 college. I got a referral from one of my seniors at HashedIn for the SDE role.

There were three rounds in the recruitment process.

Round 1: Online Test

It is a coding test where 3 programming questions were given which were of medium-level difficulty. The test was conducted on their own platform and the time given for solving the questions was 1.5 hours. I was able to solve the 2 questions completely and the 3rd question was solved partially. For each of the questions, there were 5 test cases. The results were communicated through email and I got selected for the interview process.

Round 2: Technical Interview 1

This interview was 60 min long and was conducted virtually. The questions asked in the Interview mostly tested the problem-solving skills and core fundamentals of Computer Science.

  • The interviewer asked me to introduce myself and asked me to rate myself in OS, DBMS, Computer Networks.
  • She asked me about protocols in the Transport layer and network layer.
  • Questions related to IP addresses and mac addresses were asked.
  • After that, She asked me about the Operating system concepts such as virtual memory and some normalization questions.
  • I answered most of the questions and then three programming questions were given.
  • Find the Missing Number ( It is one of the amazon interview questions which is of medium difficulty. I was able to write the code correctly and it took 10 minutes to solve the problem.
  • Sorted merge in one array( It was a tricky one where I need to use some kind of two-pointer technique. But I was not able to cover all the test cases. So she gave another question.
  • A Product Array Puzzle ( This is a tricky question as she asked me to solve the problem without using the division operator. This was an easy question where I just used a prefix array where for each index ‘i’ prefix array contains the product of the array up to index ‘i’. I solved it correctly.

I was confident that I will qualify for the next technical Interview as I have performed well. After 3 to 4 days I got a mail from HR that I have cleared the round-1 technical interview.

Round 3: Technica Interview 2

It was mostly like a system design Interview. This interview was a bit difficult and was a 45 min long interview. The interviewer asked me to introduce myself and asked me about my favorite subjects. I told Operating Systems, Data Structures, and Algorithms. Then he asked me to rate myself in Operating systems.

  • Then, He asked me about the processes and threads, differences between processes and threads.
  • How will threads communicate and how are threads scheduled.
  • He asked me to explain the use case and time complexity of my favorite algorithm.
  • The interviewer asked me to design a snake and ladder game. I wrote pseudocode for the Snake and ladder game where I will be given a number of players and the data about the snake’s position and the position of the ladder on the board. I used hashmap to store the data about snakes and ladders and the remaining logic for the game is simple.
  • I answered all most every question and for the questions about threads, I was confused a bit so I tried to manage with what I knew.

After 2 days I got a mail from HR that I have cleared the Technical round-2 and there will be an HR interview.

Round 4: HR interview

  • This interview is called a Fitment Round. The interviewer asked me to describe my personality with 3 adjectives and asked me to justify those. She asked me questions like Why Hashedin, what are you expecting from the job, what are your future plans, what are my hobbies and interests, etc.
  • After a week results were declared and I was selected for the role of Software Development Engineer (Internship + FTE offer). The interview experience was great and I enjoyed it.

All the best for your Interviews.

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