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Infosys Certification Exam (InfyTQ) 2021

  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2021

Hello Everyone, I cracked  InfyTQ Exam 2021 So  In this particular post, I share my InfyTQ Certification Exam & Interview Experience. 

First, I thank GeeksforGeeks Team. 

Okay So Let’s Understand First Process related to the Exam and all the Exam Processes.

What is InfyTQ Certification Exam:-

  • InfyTQ Certification Exam is a Certification Exam by Infosys that you have the opportunity to get Job into Infosys as well as certified from Infosys and Become “Infosys Certified Software Programmer”.
  • InfyTQ Certification Exam is for the BE/BTECH/MTECH/MCA/MCM In the third Year 6 Sem if you are graduate next Year.

For Example:- Suppose You are a Graduate in June 2022 so your exam in the 3rd Year Sixth Sem Not in Final Year.

  • There is a total of 3 Rounds in Infosys Certification so let’s discuss One by One.
  • There are No Eligibility Criteria of 10th/12th 60%.

Exam Process:-

FIRST ROUND:- Qualifier Round Exam

Second ROUND:- Final Round Exam

Interview:- Systems Engineer Post Role.

Advantage Round:- For Higher Roles Like System Engineer Specialist & Power Programmer.

***Mode of Exam for All Rounds:- Virtual from Home

1. Qualifier Round Exam:- 

:- This is the First Round exam and this Round is a total Multiple Choice Question-Based Exam and there is a syllabus related to Python/Java Programming, Aptitude, DBMS So this is regarding the first Round.

Pattern of Qualifier Round:-

Time:- 60 Mins

No of Questions:- 40

Negative Marking:- Yes 0.25 Per Wrong Questions

Total Marks:- 40 Marks

Syllabus:- PYTHON/JAVA   As You can choose Any One Langauge for the Whole Exam.

DBMS, Aptitude (Same for Java/Python).

Cut Off:- Not Disclosed by Infosys Team.

Predictive Cut-Off:- 20-25 Correct Question

2. Final Round Exam:-

:- After Clearing First Round you have to given the Final Round Infosys Certification Exam. Final Round Pattern is different From First Round

Pattern Of Final Round:-

Time:- 3HRS

No of Questions:- 2 Hands-on Coding Questions.

20 MCQ Questions( Python/Java/DBMS)

:- As your language is the same as you select at the time of Qualifier Round.

Cut-Off:- 65% 

If you score 65% or more in InfyTQ Final round you are Become ‘Infosys Certified Software Programmer’ and now you are eligible for Interview Opportunity for the role of Systems Engineer (Behavioural Interview).

#Advantage Round:– Consists Only Coding Questions 

Pattern:- 3 Coding Questions

Time:- 3 Hrs

Role Offered;- Systems Engineer Specialist Role & Power Programmer Role.

My Experience:-  

First Round is Held on 21 February 2020 and on the 3 March 2020 I received that I cleared the Final Round of the Infosys Certification Exam after 10 days I got the exam link for Final Round Exam on the date 15 March 2020 and After 1 Month I got my result of Final Round that I cleared Final Round and now eligible for Interview Opportunity with Infosys for the role of Systems Engineer and my Interview in the month of November due to COVID-19 Crisis and it is totally virtually and On 7 DEC 2020 I received that I Cleared Interview and Selected for the Role of Systems Engineer. This is My Overall Interview Experience.

Qualifier Round Exam Questions Topic:s:-


  1. Time & Distance.
  2. Probability.
  3. Basic Aptitude 
  4. Check InfyTQ Syllabus Topics.

As I Select Python So for Python I Just Prepare From Infytq Platform.

For DBMS I just prefer InfyTQ Syllabus and InfyTQ Website Learning Content.

Final Round Exam Questions:-

MCQ:- Same As Qualifier Round

Hands-on Questions:-

  1. Maximum Possible No of Even No?
  2. Matrix Related Question.

Interview Questions:-

  1. Tell me about Yourself.
  2. Describe Your Projects.
  3. In Which Technology you are Currently Working.
  4. Hobbies.

InfyTQ Is a Great Opportunity. Thanks for Geeks for Geeks Team. I hope this is useful for Everyone.

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