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Infosys Certification Exam | InfyTQ for 2021-Freshers

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Infosys Certification Examination is an online test that has been conducted by Infosys every year since 2019. InfyTQ is an open platform for engineering students in their third year all across India, where students from every branch can participate and earn certification from Infosys.

For students graduating in 2021, the examination had conducted a tad differently. There were two different examinations. One was a preliminary qualifier round which was open to all. The exam was conducted in February 2020  and consisted of forty multiple-choice questions (MCQs) with negative marking having a duration of sixty minutes. The examination consisted of ten aptitude questions, ten DBMS questions, and twenty programming questions. The examination was proctored via webcam and students were allowed to appear in the exam right from their homes.

Upon clearing the qualifier round, students were shortlisted for the second examination. This time, the examination center was provided to students and the exam was manually proctored. The exam was three hours long from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. However, students were instructed to reach the venue thirty minutes prior.

The examination consisted of two hands-on programming questions and Twenty questions on DBMS which were MCQs. There was no negative marking. The programming questions were of medium difficulty, which required strong concepts from arrays and data structures. The MCQs, however, were of mixed difficulties. Some of the questions even differ and not all twenty MCQs were the same for everybody. Marks were allocated based on test cases passed. The criteria for clearing the test was sixty-five percent. Results were declared then and there shortly and the session proceeded with the interview round.

The personal interview lasted for about twelve to fifteen minutes. The interview followed with mostly basic questions like “Describe yourself!” and “Why do you want to join Infosys?”. One interesting insight that I noticed when I interacted with my colleagues was that they only asked technical questions to those candidates who put a lot of technical certificates, internships and/or projects on their resumes. I was asked to briefly talk about my project which was a movie recommendation bot.

At the end of the interview, they asked me if I had any queries. I asked for feedback and thanked for the opportunity. They said that they were impressed and would give a call. I received my certification a week later via mail.


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Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2023
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