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Infosys Certification Exam Experience | INFYTQ Questions 2020

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InfyTQ certification exam was started by Infosys in the year 2019. Its completely based on python programming. To clear the exam 65% or more marks is required The benefits of clearing this test includes:
  • You will get a professional certification on python from infosys which will be valid for lifetime
  • On spot job interview and an opportunity to join infosys
I will be sharing my experience and few questions that will help you understand the pattern. The test will have 2 sections.
  • 2 coding questions
  • 20 MCQ from DS, Algo, DBMS, Programming
Time provided will be 2 hours. Coding questions will be from string manipulation, list or array, matrix or 2d arrays. Few question that where asked from 2020 batch:
  1. Given a list of string and numbers, rotate the string by one position to the right if the sum of squares of digits of the corresponding number is even and rotate it twice to the left if the sum of the squares of the digits of the corresponding number is odd.
  2. Given an array, find the sub array which can be a square matrix with maximum sum. If there are multiple results print the matrices in the order of their orders( i.e, 3×3 matrix will be printed first, then 2X2…so on)
  3. Given an alphanumeric string, extract all numbers, remove the duplicate digits, and from that set of digits construct the largest even number possible
  4. Given a mxn matrix select an element if the same element appears at 4 consecutive position again. Return the minimum element from all the gathered elements. What is consecutive? It’s horizontal, vertical and all possible diagonals
  5. State whether a giving string contains matching braces or not. In case mismatch is present then output the index of mismatch position
  6. Longest Alphabetic Sequence
  7. From a alphanumeric string extract all digits, From the smallest odd number with no repeats.
Happy Coding <3

Last Updated : 15 Jan, 2020
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