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ServiceNow Interview Experience (On-Campus) | Associate software engineer

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Status: Fresher
Prior Experience: Worked as a teaching assistant at Smart interviews
Preparation: 200+ Leetcode problems and 200+ problems in Geeksforgeeks
Recruitment: On-Campus

The whole interview process was on the same day.

Online round – March 12th 2020
It was a 60 minute round on hackerrank. The test included one coding question and 10 MCQs. The MCQs were related to Data Structures, Algorithms and OS. The coding question was different for different students(Selected randomly from a set of 4-5 different questions). I’m mentioning all the questions that I know.

Out of 600 people attempted, 51 people got selected for the next round.

The interview was conducted via zoom because of the coronavirus outbreak.

  • Question-1: Tell me about yourself.
  • Question-2: Interviewer asked me to explain about my projects mentioned in the resume.
  • Question-3: Given a sentence, write a program that replaces the word “this” with the word “that” without using any inbuilt functions. It took me 15 minutes to solve this problem. I messed up initially because I didn’t ask for the constraints. So, make sure you know the constraints before solving the problem.
  • Question-4: Given an array of integers, find the second highest element. I’ve explained two solutions. First is using sorting(pretty straightforward). Second is a linear approach. The interviewer asked me to write the code for the second approach. I did.
  • Lastly, the interviewer asked a few OOPs related questions.

Here are some other questions asked to my friends.

  • Find an element in a matrix where each row is sorted.
  • Write the code for merge sort.
  • Find the kth largest element in an array.
  • Software development life cycle.
  • Subset sum problem

That’s the end of Round-1. Out of 51 people, 25-30(I don’t remember the exact number) people were selected for the next round. I was one of them.

Round-2(Technical + HR)

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • In-depth enquiry about my internship.
  • What is your role in each of these projects and what’s the toughest part to implement in them?
  • Where did you use Data Structures and Algorithms in your projects? I used Trie in one of my projects, I explained and he was impressed.
  • What is the cloud? How does it work?
  • What’s the database design for your feedback-system project?
  • Explain the Software development life cycle.
  • What do you know about ServiceNow? Why ServiceNow?
  • Describe your ACM-ICPC(2019-20) experience.

Finally, the interviewer asked whether I have any questions for him. I asked a couple of questions and had a good discussion for 15 minutes.

That’s the end of Round-2 and it was the final round. 14 people got selected in the end and I was one of them.

The key is confidence and knowledge of data structures and algorithms. Also, go through your resume well, and read about the company thoroughly. The communication with the interviewer is very important.

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Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2020
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